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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Jaye's (totally not ripping off TE's idea) Stats!

Points on hand: 90
Points spent: 223
(16 Slowpoke, Safari Zone)
(11 Rhyhorn, Safari Zone)
(50 Chansey, Safari Zone)
(50 SHINY Ditto, Route 26)
(32 Pidgeotto, Route 26)
(14 SHINY Voltorb, Building)

(17 points double evo for Spirit (Caterpie-Butterfree)
(22 points evo for Kumori (Zubat-Golbat)
(16 points evo for Shelly (Squirtle-Wartortle)
(20 points evo for Basil (Ratatta-Raticate))

Leveling Up

Other (-15)
(8 points for Soul Badge)
(7 poins for the Bike)

Points in total: 344
(+327 posts) (+8 for victory against Max) (+3 for beating Muk)(+6 for beating trainers)


Shelly the Wartortle (F)
Points: 16

Spirit the Butterfree (F)
Points: Nah, it'a 10... I think X3

Basil the Raticate (M)
Points: 20

Kumori the Golbat (M)
Points: 22

Earthshaker the Rhyhorn (M)
Points: 16

Hope the Chansey (F)
Points: 50
Friend Pokémon:

Viola the Ekans (F)
Points: 9
Temp. Pokémon:
Slowpoke (Safari Zone capture)
Pokémon boxed:

Hana the Oddish (F)
Points: 8¸

Identity the Shiny Ditto (*)
Points: 50

Wright the Pidgeotto (M)
Points: 23

Current the Shiny Voltorb (*)
Points: 14
Pokémon caught: 6
Earthshaker the Rhyhorn (Safari Zone capture)
Hope the Chansey (Safari Zone capture)
Viola the Ekans (gift, received with Soul Badge )
Identity the Shiny Ditto (Route 26 capture)
Wright the Pidgeotto (Route 26 capture)
Current the Shiny Voltorb (Building capture)

Pokémon fully evolved: 2
(Spirit: Caterpie-Butterfree)
(Basil: Ratatta-Raticate)

Event log:
started Red Team (started with Squirtle),
met the team,
acquired Spirit, Basil, Hana and Kumori and 50 points via Trainer Pack,
Spirit evolved to Butterfree,
got the Super Rod,
caught Earthshaker at the Safari Zone
Kumori evolved to Golbat
Basil evolved to Raticate
Shelly evolved to Warortle
defeated Max (8 points)
defeated Koga illusion
defeated Muk
caught Hope at the Safari Zone
received the Soul Badge
got the Bike
defeated Route 26 trainers
caught Identity on Route 26
caught Wright on Route 26
caught Current at the building

Soul Badge

Special items:
Super Rod.

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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