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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Once the high school was finished for the day Caroline met up with the group outside the school, though she had to stay behind for a few hours. Her and a group of human friends were setting up the gym for a 40's decade dance, which she was really excited about.

"Are you sure you don't need any help from us?" Kotomi asked.

"Nah it's fine." Caroline responded with a smile. "Once my friends and I are finished with the gym it will look amazing." Kol laughed at how cheerful the blonde sounded.

"Okay, but just call if you need help." Kol said as Caroline nodded, the blonde giving Kiseki a kiss before returning back inside the school. Kotomi and Kol walked back to the house and opened the front door, the two going right to the kitchen as always.

"How was school?" Isobel asked, walking into the kitchen as well while Raven greeted the group with excitement.

"It was good, though I have so much homework that I should get started on." Kotomi responded with a sigh, bringing Isobel to chuckle.

"Where's Caroline?" Lexi asked in confusion when seeing the blonde absent from the group.

"She's staying after school with some friends to help set up the dance for Friday." Kol responded, the dance being two days away.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Damon said as he stood up from the couch and stretched, then looking over to Diana and giving her a smirk. "Do you want to tell them or should I?"

"Tell us what?" Kotomi asked.

"Well... I'm pregnant with Mason's baby." Diana responded with nervousness once again. Kotomi and Kol looked at the young Witch in shock, though they slowly recovered after a few moments.

"That's awesome!" Kotomi squeaked as she walked over to Diana and hugged her, Kol giving out a laugh.

"That really is awesome. Looks like we'll have another addition to the group." Kol said.

"Oh, there's more." Damon said, bringing Kotomi to release Diana with confusion once again.

"The other thing is... Damon and I are together now as a couple." Diana said.

"What about Mason though?" Kotomi asked.

"If Mason truly cares about Diana then he'll want her to be happy." Ashley added, Kotomi and Kol nodding in agreement.

"I can't wait for Caroline to hear the news." Kol chuckled.

Back at the school Caroline met up with a group of two boys and a girl, the group of four walking into the gym where half of it was already set up from yesterday. Caroline pulled out a list from her bag and looked it over to see what the group needed next, cursing at herself when realizing she left the other half of her list in her car.

"I need to go get the other list." Caroline said, the group nodding as the girl walked over to a radio and began to blast music in the gym while Caroline was leaving. The Vampire walked out to the emptied parking-lot where her car was, opening the driver's door and sitting in the seat as she tried to remember where she put the list. She then reached over to the glove department and opened it, sighing in relief when she found the paper.

"There you are." Caroline said, shoving the paper in her front pocket and stepping out of her car. When she closed the door and started walking back towards the school however she felt a sudden sting in the back of her neck, feeling the much too familiar burning in her body as she quickly reached to the back of her neck and pulled out a dart, which was filled with Vervain before it had been injected into Caroline. Fear suddenly overcame Caroline as she quickly turned around, seeing a man with a black mask on standing a few feet in front of her with a gun raised to her.

Caroline quickly charged at the man in anger now with her Vampire speed but he pulled the trigger to the gun, sending a wooden bullet right in the middle of Caroline's forehead. The sound of the gun was loud as Caroline's emotionless body hit the pavement, but her friends didn't hear the sound because of the loud music.

Caroline woke up to find herself in an unfamiliar place, brick walls surrounding her as a single door was a few feet in front of her. She was on the opposite side of town, underground in the thick woods where her family had once owned the land. The bullet was already taken out of her head, but who was the man? Caroline tried to stand, realizing that she was sitting in a metal chair, but was unable to move. She quickly looked down, seeing that her wrists and ankles were securely chained to the chair.

"Hello?" Caroline called out in a panic, unable to break free from the chains or send a telepathic message because of the Vervain in her system, the man injecting even more Vervain into Caroline while she was unconsious. "Kiseki!" Caroline cried out, struggling to break free. The sound of footsteps walking towards the door on the other side brought Caroline to stop with her struggling, the door opening a few moments later where the man in the mask walked into the room. "Who are you?" Caroline growled. The man took off the mast and looked at Caroline, his piercing blue eyes matching her own.

"Hello Caroline." The middle aged man said.

"Daddy?" Caroline said in a shocked, small voice.
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