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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Michael Knight from District Two
Training Center

"You're welcome." Caroline responded to Kiseki with a small laugh, which made Kiseki’s smile widen briefly before it died down again when he followed her gaze over to Matt, who was leaving the training center.

"Wonder where he's going." Jeremy said in a weary voice as Michael followed their gazes to the other tribute as well.

"Who? The male from thirteen?" Caroline asked.

"Yeah. Ever since we've been here he always give Ashley and I dirty looks." Jeremy responded.

"Why? Have you done something to make him upset?"

"No." Jeremy shook his head. "I think it's because of who our parents are, which is what they warned my sister and I about on the Tribute Train. He's a threat to my sister and I, though mainly Ashley because his glares are mainly targeted towards her. I don't know why, but he chose her as his main target."

Kiseki thought back to when he and Ichiru had seen Matt pin Ashley to the wall, and how the older twin had seemed to want to attack him. Ichiru had always been the type to defend someone who needed it, but he never gotten so angry and violent unless it was someone he cared about.

"I won't let him hurt you guys." Caroline’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts as she responded to Jeremy. "We'll stay together in the arena for as long as we can." She looked at Kiseki then, her expression softening into a small smile. "That's if it's okay with you though."

“Of course it is.” Kiseki responded with a smile of his own. He glanced over at Michael, who had fallen silent again after seeing Matt leave the arena. He seemed to be thinking of something, but just when he was about to ask him if everything was okay, he looked back up to Caroline and Jeremy.

“I want to help, if it’s okay with the two of you.” He said with a smile, although he was fully prepared to be turned down if it came to that. He already knew from Kiseki’s words when they were talking before that he had no problem with it, but he still needed to ask Caroline and Jeremy. It would have probably been wise to include Ichiru and Ashley in the decision, but somehow he already knew that whatever decision the others made, they would go along with. Ichiru didn’t seem to mind, since he had left and allowed Kiseki to talk to the blonde - which was shocking after the wary looks he had seen the older teen give him.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three

"Looks like we'll be partners in the arena then." Ashley smiled, as she responded to Ichiru, keeping her eyes locked with his own. It seemed to last so much longer than it did before the door to the roof opened again and Ichiru was forced to tear his gaze away to look over at the newcomer, who was none other than Matt. The smile instantly dropped into a scowl as the other tribute gave Ashley a smirk and walked further onto the roof.

"Well well well, fancy meeting you up here."

"I was just leaving." Ashley said, giving Ichiru an apologetic look. "I'm sorry. I'm gonna go walk Aria and Kenny back to the room and then go back to the training center. I'll see you in training if you go back there, and if not then at lunch." Ichiru gave a small nod in response, watching the brunette turn and walk away with Aria and Kenny.

"I really enjoy her uneasiness towards me. It's going to be quite fun killing her in the arena." Matt chuckled after they had left, shifting his attention to Ichiru as he walked over to him. "I've taken a notice that Ashley seems to trust you in a short amount of time, which is very foolish since you'll just stab her in the back anyways in the arena, and don't deny it. You know if it came down between you, her and your brother then you would kill Ashley in an instant." He paused for a moment, and the very real and very possible situation struck Ichiru like a ton of bricks. However, he didn’t say anything, nor did he let it show on his face, instead just looking at the tribute as he continued.

"I have a deal I want to strike with you. Since Ashley has put her trust in you, I want you to be on my side and help me take her down. I want you to find out information for me about her, and then in the arena I want you to stay by her side as an ally and protect her from other tributes. Then, I want you to lead her to me where I'll be the one to kill her. If you do this, then I promise that my partner and I won't be the ones to kill Kiseki. Even if my partner and I had a shot at taking Kiseki down, we won't do it, and we'll even go as far as save him if he's about to get killed by another tribute." Matt paused again for a few moments, and the expression on Ichiru‘s face darkened. He already knew what Matt was going to say next.

"If you don't take my offer however then I'll make sure Kiseki dies by either mine or my partner's hands, and it won't be quick either. His death will be long and suffering if you don't accept my offer to you." He extended his hand to Ichiru, who now couldn’t hide his anger any longer and most likely looked like he wanted to kill him right there on the spot. "Now, do we have a deal?"

Ichiru was silent as he thought out and weighed the consequences of each choice. If he refused, Kiseki would automatically be a target, and he had already vowed that he would protect his brother. It was true that he wouldn’t turn on him for someone he had just met and happened to be attracted to, but at the same time he had just promised to protect the Mellarks, and he never went back on a sincere promise.

But on the other hand, even if he accepted the deal, he didn’t have to follow through with it. He had always been good at lying and acting… why not use it now?

After several moments of consideration and mentally debating with himself, Ichiru gave Matt a smirk, shaking the hand offered to him.

“Looks like you have yourself a deal.”

He knew he could turn this situation around on the other tribute, and that was exactly what he planned to do. Now the only problem was somehow warning Kiseki and Ashley without making Matt suspicious…

I colored the drawing I used for Michael so that it's easier to see what he looks like. Just ignore the flames; they're part of his original design. xD
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