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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Two weeks had already passed since Damon returned on Christmas day and everything had slowly returned back to normal. Ichiruís worries over then tension between Mason and Damon had been eased when nothing had happened, although the two seemed to avoid each other as much as possible. Currently everyone was at Dianaís house, except for Diana and Damon, whose whereabouts were unknown, and Caroline, Kol, Kotomi, Kiseki, Aiden, Abigail and Scarlet, who were at school. Kiseki and even Aiden had decided to go back to school as well, both to be with Caroline and Kotomi and out of sheer boredom. Even though he was an Original and had lived in Fells Church for a few years now, Aiden had stayed away from the school because he didnít want the fact that he was a Vampire getting out. But now that he had friends to attend with and help him, he had agreed to go.

"Damon is going to love this." Ichiru looked away from the living room window he had been looking through and over to Stefan as he pulled three pumpkin pies out of the oven to cool.

"I know. We all know how much he loves pumpkin pie." Jeremy chuckled.

"And cookies. The toddlers are going to be so hyper though." Ashley sighed, though a smile was on her face.

"Well at least they have Raven to play with." Kevin said as he looked down at the Husky puppy who was rolling around in the floor.

"Once the pies cool in a few hours we'll put the whipped cream on the top of them and then have Diana bring you two of them. Along with tins of cookies." Bonnie said.

"Okay. We'll start cleaning up the mess." Meredith responded, and Ichiru joined the group in the kitchen to begin cleaning up. Once everything had been cleaned up and Raven was hooked on her leash, the group said their goodbyes and left. Upon arriving at the Salvatore house, they saw none other than Damon and Diana kissing on the couch, which brought obvious shock into even Ichiruís expression.

"W-what's going on?" Ashley knelt down to unhook Ravenís leash and allow the puppy to run around the living room as she spoke.

"Umm, well... I'm pregnant... with Mason's baby." Diana responded nervously.

"And yet you're making out with Damon..." Elijah said with confusion.

"Diana needed to make a choice, to either be with Mason or me. She finally chose me." Damon told them.

"And when I tell Mason, plus about the baby, then all hell is going to break loose." Diana added, and Ichiru looked at the ground briefly. He could imagine how Mason would feel, but Dianaís choices were her own, and they all knew that if Mason truly loved Diana he would want her to be happy.

"Well we'll be here if anything bad starts to happen." Isobel reassured the two, who nodded in response.

"Do your parents know you're pregnant?" Kevin asked, bringing Diana to shake her head.

"They don't."

"Well this is going to be an interesting turn of events. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they get home from school. The high school should be out in about ten minutes, and then the toddlers will be home in about two hours." Stefan commented, and Ichiru could help but smile at the thought of everyoneís reactions. The toddlers would no doubt be excited, and he didnít doubt Kiseki would as well, considering how much he loved children, along with his energetic personality.

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