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Default Eti Molo's Record Thread

Username: Etymology
In-Game Name: Eti
Friend Code: 1507 1967 4321
Roles: Trainer, Zenith Town Gym Leader, Official
Starter Pokemon: Monster the Finneon
Date Adventure Started: 26th September 2012
Stars On-Hand: 63
Spent Stars: 357
Star Total: 420

Current Location:
Route 8

Andromeda Town - Zenith Town
Andromeda Town
1) [Registration]
-Received Finneon, 5 PokeBalls and the PokeGear v3.0
2) [Setting Out]
3) [Travel Concerns]
4) [Travelling to Foreign Territory]
-Left Andromeda Town and entered Route 1
Route 1
5) [Route 1]
6) [Meetin' Crazy Ladies]
-Received a Nest Ball from Jane
7) [Nest Ball]
8) [Companion Meet-Up]
9) [SAVE ME]
11) [Saved from the Meowth]
12) [Battling Rattata]
-Captured Rattata with a Poke Ball
13) [Congratulations on the Capture]
14) [First Camping Experience]
15) [Sudden Exit]
-Left Route 1 via short-cut and entered Route 2
Route 2
16) [Route 2]
17) [Battling Makuhita]
-Captured Makuhita with a Poke Ball
18) [Another New Addition]
19) [Camping Collaboration]
20) [Getting Travel-sick]
-Found a Quick Ball
21) [Item Get!]
22) [Entering Navi Town]
-Left Route 2 via short-cut and entered Navi Town
Navi Town
23) [Navi Town]
-Entered the Navi Town Beginners Tournament
24) [Purchasing a Lure Ball, a Heal Ball, a Level Ball and an Old Rod]
25) [It was Only a Quick Visit]
-Left Navi Town and entered Route 3
Route 3
26) [Route 3]
27) [Versus Nincada]
-Captured Nincada with a Heal Ball
28) [Enter Charcole]
29) [Minty about Nincada]
30) [Minty the Hoennian]
-Found TM 66 Payback
31) [Discussing the Navi Town Tournament]
32) [Versus Poochyena]
-Captured Poochyena with a Poke Ball
33) [Enter MrTickle]
34) [Entering Route 4]
-Left Route 3 and entered Route 4
Route 4
35) [Route 4]
36) [Versus Natu]
-Captured Natu with a Level Ball
37) [Enter Mammoth]
38) [Versus Bellsprout]
-Used a Poke Ball on Bellsprout, Bellsprout fled
39) [First Failure]
-Found TM 19 Telekinesis
40) [Versus Shuppet]
-Captured Shuppet with a Poke Ball
41) [Entering Zenith Town]
-Left Route 4 and entered Zenith Town
Zenith Town
42) [Zenith Town]
43) [Enter Bushfire]
-Purchased a Sewaddle from the Zenith Town Pokemon Ranch
44) [Zenith Town Egg Center]
-Picked up an Egg from the Zenith Town Egg Center
45) [Purchasing TM 53 Energy Ball, TM 70 Flash, a Poke Ball and a Timer Ball]
46) [Checking out the Library]
47) [East Wing Shuffles]
48) [Meet the Librarian]
49) [Ghosts?]
50) [Looking for the History of Celestia]
51) [Strange Purple Lights]
52) [Looking for the Librarian]
53) [Get back here, Bushfire!]
54) [Dead.]
55) [Searching for its Prison]
56) [Versus Chandelure]
57) [Versus Litwick]
-Captured Litwick with a Nest Ball
-Egg hatched into a Ducklett
-Received a Nest Ball as a consolation prize for the Zenith Beginner's Tournament
58) [Enter Mortull and Queen Bee]
-Left Zenith Town and entered Route 5

Route 5 - Aurora City
Route 5
59) [Route 5]
60) [Short-cut? No.]
-Found a Luxury Ball
61) [Pleasant hates Poke Balls]
62) [Versus Aron]
63) [Persistent Little Iron Ant]
-Captured Aron with a Nest Ball
64) [Enter Big Softy]
65) [Re-union]
66) [He's Just Antisocial]
67) [Discussing Travel Plans]
68) [Versus Cherubi]
-Captured Cherubi with a Poke Ball
69) [Enter Bananas]
-Left Route 5 and entered Route 6
Route 6
70) [Route 6]
71) [Versus Slakoth]
-Captured Slakoth with a Lure Ball
72) [Enter Thumbtac]
-Entered Pleasant in the Halloween Costume Contest and received 5 stars
73) [A wild Garchomp appeared!]
74) [Versus Ditto]
-Captured Ditto in a Quick Ball
75) -Bushfire evolved into Swadloon and Salsa evolved into Hariyama
76) [First Evolutions]
77) [Okay bye]
-Left Route 6 and entered Nova Outpost
Nova Outpost
78) [Nova Outpost]
-Danny taught Queen Bee HM Defog
79) [Returning to Route 6]
-Left Nova Outpost and entered Route 6
Route 6
80) [Route 6 Part II]
81) [Pleasant finds a sack full of Poke Balls]
82) [Meeting JC - Pleasant hates loud noises]
83) [Bowled over by a Dragonite - Pleasant returns to his ball in fear]
84) [Talking to the Aurora City Gym Leader]
85) [Pleasant doesn't feel confident]
86) [Back to Route 5]
-Left Route 6 and entered Route 5
Route 5
87) [Route 5 Part II]
-Found five stars!
88) [Mortull wants to torch everything]
89) [Versus Pachirisu]
-Captured Pachirisu in a Luxury Ball
90) [Silence is Golden]
-Left Route 5 and entered Route 7
Route 7
91) [Route 7]
92) [The best match]
93) [Leaving for Aurora]
-Found TM 39 Rock Tomb
Aurora City
94) [Aurora City]
-Purchased two Quick Balls, Running Shoes and a Dusk Stone from the Aurora City PokeMart
-Purchased a Numel and a Klink from the Aurora City Pokemon Ranch
-Purchased a Fire Stone and a Shiny Stone
-Traded a Fire Stone for a Dawn Stone with Typhlosion Explosion
-Traded a Dawn Stone and a Shiny Stone for two Poke Balls with Zetsu
95) [Mimeism Begins]
-Left Aurora City and entered Route 8

Route 8 - Sirius City
Route 8
96) [Route 8]

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