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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Etymology and Kaoru are both accepted!

Typhlosion Explosion: Allowing the same type is alright. Try to think of something else to add to make it creative! Remember Apollo City is known for being the city inside a volcano! Has awesome hot springs! So maybe add a weather effect for Sun or Sudden rain pours. I will also allow your gym to limit Ground types to 1 per party. Meaning they can only have 1 ground type on their team period if they challenge your gym considering the double weakness.

Judge Dredd: You can't ban a type from your gym. I understand your gym is weak to Ice types, but you are able to limit it to 1 Ice type per team as well. This doesn't ban the use of Ice moves, but considering yours is the 3rd Gym I don't think Ice moves should be a problem. Also considering your background. I'm sure you'll think up something to help counter your ice weakness.

Post back letting me know you've adjusted your rules.
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