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Default Re: Kaoru's Records

Journey Log

-Obtained Growlithe, the PokeGear v3.0 and 5 Pokeballs on September 25th
-Started in Andromeda Town on September 30th
-Entered Route 1 on September 30th
-Caught Sunkern on Route 1 & obtained 10 stars on September 30th
-Entered Route 2 on October 2nd
-Caught Buneary & Roggenrola on Route 2 on October 2nd
-Entered Navi Town on October 4th & bought an Old Rod
-Entered Route 3 & obtained TM66 Payback on October 4th
-Caught Hoothoot on Route 3 on October 5th
-Entered Route 4 & obtained TM19 Telekinesis on October 6th
-Obtained a Lure Ball on October 7th
-Caught Shinx on Route 4 on October 8th
-Entered Zenith Town & bought TM53 Energy Ball & a Great Ball on October 8th
-Egg Hatched into Seedot on October 18th
-Roggenrola evolved into Boldore on October 19th
-Lost to Gym Leader Etymology on October 20th
-Entered Route 5 & found a Heal Ball & caught Aron on October 23rd
-Found a Quick Ball on Route 5 on October 24th
-Left Route 5 & entered Zenith Town on October 25th
-Shinx evolved into Luxio on October 26th
-Entered the Halloween Contest and obtained 5 stars on October 29th
-Seedot evolved into Nuzleaf on October 30th
-Claimed 5 stars from the Pokedex with Noctowl on November 2nd
-Obtained Frillish from the Halloween Auction on November 4th
-Obtained a Fire Stone and Leaf Stone from Corey & Growlithe evolved into Arcanine on November 7th
-Obtained 5 stars from the Halloween Dress Up Contest on November 9th
-Exited the Miasma & obtained 175 stars, 1 Soothe Bell, and 3 Dream Balls on November 25th
-Buneary evolved into Lopunny on November 25th
-Obtained a Soothe Bell and a Moon Stone from Corey on November 29th
-Claimed 5 stars for Hoothoot's Pokedex entry on December 2nd
-Obtained a Fire Stone from the Advent Calendar on December 19th
-Obtained 20 stars from the Advent Calendar on December 20th
-Obtained TM Frost Breath from the Advent Calendar on December 22nd
-Obtained the Christmas Print from the Advent Calendar on December 23rd
-Cleffa evolved into Clefairy on January 12th
-Obtained TM Rock Tomb on Route 7 on January 18th
-Obtained Torchic, Shroomish, and Totodile from the Ranch on January 21st
-Sunkern evolved into Sunflora and Boldore evolved into Gigalith on January 23rd
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