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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

I finally got to the lab. Finally made it. This was the place where I was going to begin my journey. I walk into the brick building, not sure what to expect. The lab appeared to be very clean and well looked after. A woman dressed in a lab coat arises from the desk over yonder and begins to walk towards me.

"Hello, are you a new trainer?" the woman in front of me asks, looking me up and down. What is she looking at? Are my clothes dirty already?

"Yeah, I am." I look around to see a plethora of cool science equipment scattered around the room. Lots of machines were dotted around the room. I was not aware of their purpose.

The young woman sits down at a desk in front of me, pulling out a form of some description. “Now, I suppose you are here for your starter Pokemon. We have a very large variety of Pokemon here as we believe that each person has a different affinity with each Pokemon and we want to produce strong bonds between Pokemon and Trainers. You may choose 1 Pokemon to take on your journey. You will also receive a PokeGear for communicating with other Trainers and 5 PokeBalls. Now choose your partner wisely!”"

I scribble down the information on the form hastily:

Name: Eti Molo
Starter Pokemon: Finneon

I return the form to the professor with a wry smile.

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