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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

About two weeks had past since that Christmas morning as things completely fell back to normal with Damon being back. The toddlers returned to school while Kotomi, Kol, and Caroline returned to high school just for something to do, while Ashley, Damon, Stefan, Lexi and Isobel stayed home. Meredith, Kevin and Elijah continued to stay at Klaus' mansion, though they were over at the Salvatore house a lot. Mason and Diana continued college and running the Mystic Grill, although there was some major tension between Damon and Mason; the two tried to avoid each other the best they could.

Over the past few days however Diana had been feeling sick, simply thinking it was something she ate. When her period for her menstrual cycle never came however she panicked, buying a pregnancy test and it coming back positive. Diana tried to think how this was possible since Mason was now a Hybrid, the Vampire part in him preventing him to have children. Then it hit her; she got pregnant when the two were alone at the Mystic Grill, right before Klaus and Damon made their first appearance and turned Mason into a Hybrid. Diana didn't tell anyone yet that she was pregnant, not even Mason because she was too shocked herself.

Diana walked through the winter snow and was heading in the direction of the Salvatore house, a cloud of smoke coming from her breath from the cold. She had just finished her shift at work while Mason still had to stay there, the young Witch needing to unwind from the distracting day at work. There were a few times where it was the perfect timing for Diana to tell Mason that she was pregnant, but she couldn't bring the words to leave her lips. With a sigh Diana reached the house and opened the door, stepping into the house where Damon was sitting on the couch next to the fireplace with a book in hand.

"Hey." Diana said as she took off her coat and hung it on the coat-rack next to the front door.

"Hey." Damon responded back as he looked up from his book.

"Where is everyone?" Diana asked in confusion, the house being oddly quiet for once.

"Some are at school and some are at your house baking cookies and stuff." Damon chuckled. "I'm the only one here."

"You didn't go to my house with the others?"

"Nah. I haven't had a chance to have time to myself in other eight months, but our friends completely understood." Damon responded.

"I'll leave then so you can read your book." Diana said with a small laugh, though Damon shook his head.

"No, it's fine. I just finished the chapter anyways." Damon said, closing and putting down the book on the coffee table.

"Are you sure?" Diana asked in concern. "I don't want to be a bother to you."

"You're never a bother." Damon chuckled as Diana smiled, sitting on the other end of the couch and letting out a sigh. "What's wrong?"

"Just been stressed out lately." Diana responded.

"About what?" Damon asked. Diana didn't responded for a few moments as she thought everything over. She needed to tell someone about the pregnancy eventually...

"Well... it turns out that I'm pregnant."

"What?" Damon's jaw dropped as his eyes widened, not expecting Diana to say that.

"Yeah. Before Mason turned into a Hybrid I got pregnant. I just found out I was pregnant two days ago." Damon didn't say anything as he looked down, the Vampire lost in thought.

"So what you're say is... you're pregnant with his baby?" Damon looked back over to Diana, who nodded her head.

"Yes... which gives you the perfect reason to not be interested in me anymore. You can move on and be happy." Diana said, though pain was clearly heard in her voice. It was obvious that Diana loved Damon, bringing even Mason to realize that but couldn't bring himself to let her go.

"Do you honestly think that I could be happy without you? This doesn't change anything. Even if you are pregnant with Mason's child, I still love you." Damon moved closer to Diana and placed his hand on her cheek, giving her a smile.


"You need to make a choice, Diana. Right here and now. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do, but you need to make a choice right now. You can either leave and choose to be with him, or you can kiss me right now and be with me. The choice is completely up to you." Damon said.

"When Mason finds out about the baby then he'll want me to stay with him." Diana responded.

"If Mason truly loves you then he'll let you be happy, which is why I'm giving you this choice. If you choose to be with him then I'll let you go." Damon said, the two locking eyes for a few long moments. Diana then looked at the front door for a moment and then back to Damon, knowing what she wanted all along. She leaned forward and connected her lips with Damon's, the Vampire pulling the young Witch even closer to him as the kiss deepened.

Back at Diana's house Bonnie was feeding April at the kitchen table while Jeremy, Ashley, Stefan, Lexi, Isobel, Meredith, Kevin and Elijah were in the kitchen, and Caroline, Kol, Kotomi, Abigail and Scarlet being at school. In the oven were three pumpkin pies which the group made from scratch, along with making homemade whipped cream and pounds of cookies.

"Damon is going to love this." Stefan laughed as he pulled the three pies out of the oven to cool.

"I know. We all know how much he loves pumpkin pie." Jeremy chuckled.

"And cookies. The toddlers are going to be so hyper though." Ashley sighed, though a smile was on her face.

"Well at least they have Raven to play with." Kevin added as he looked down at the puppy, who was rolling around on the floor.

"Once the pies cool in a few hours we'll put the whipped cream on the top of them and then have Diana bring you two of them. Along with tins of cookies." Bonnie said.

"Okay. We'll start cleaning up the mess." Meredith said, the group beginning to clean up the kitchen. Once everything was cleaned up and Raven was hooked on her leash the group said their goodbyes and left so Bonnie could put April down for a nap. Once they walked back to the Salvatore house they opened the door and walked inside, shocked at what they saw. Damon and Diana were on the couch kissing, the two quickly pulling back as they looked at their friends.

"W-what's going on?" Ashley asked as she knelt down and unhooked Raven's leash, letting the puppy run around the living room.

"Umm, well... I'm pregnant... with Mason's baby." Diana responded with a nervous tone.

"And yet you're making out with Damon..." Elijah said in confusion.

"Diana needed to make a choice, to either be with Mason or me. She finally chose me." Damon said.

"And when I tell Mason, plus about the baby, then all hell is going to break loose." Diana added.

"Well we'll be here if anything bad starts to happen." Isobel reassured the two as they nodded.

"Do your parents know you're pregnant?" Kevin asked, bringing Diana to shake her head.

"They don't." Diana said.

"Well this is going to be an interesting turn of events. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they get home from school. The high school should be out in about ten minutes, and then the toddlers will be home in about two hours." Stefan commented, Diana couldn't help but chuckling out a sigh.
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