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Default Intro threads can never have original names

Yep, the title says it.

Hello! The name's Arylett, and I'm looking for a new Pokémon forum to waste my time at. I have experience with other forums, about four or five years of a vBulletin and relatively intelligent community, so I think I'd fit in quite well here. I'm an avid roleplayer with 10 years of experience, (as well as a mod of a roleplaying section at another, non-Pokémon site) and an artist. (I created my own signature and avatar set myself.) Currently, I have no life because of some time I'm taking off going to college with no job. So I've got nothing but free time to annoy you all. :3

I've read the rules thoroughly, and am ready to participate! Just don't mind my avatar being a pony. (Yes, I do enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) It's really just a placeholder until I make a better one. Though I'm quite fond of it.

Oh and the name? That's a long story. Don't want to bore you. Basically though: I made it up myself (not the name of a pre-existing character), and no, it's not my real name. (Some people actually think that.) Arylett is the first name, and Dawnsborough is the last. So just Arylett will do fine.
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