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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Pierce "Peace" Hopkins, Night Westerly, Cissnei, and Dominic Marten
Little town that has yet to be named
Links: Chibi and Fluffeh (slightly)

"Peace, eh? We could use a little bit of that around here," Marten said softly, causing Peace to tear her eyes from Night and look at him for the briefest moment before refocusing on her feet, resulting in her curls tumbling over her shoulders.

"I'm sorry for shattering your peace," she whispered. Marten promptly turned his head to look at Cissnei, eyes wordlessly pleading for help.

"You didn't shatter our peace, they were wrong--if you haven't broken the law, they have no right to take you in and they certainly had to right to try and shoot you! And if they come back, I swear they'll regret it...I don't think we'll be too inclined to be peaceful next time," the red-haired woman muttered. Peace lifted her gaze to Cissnei, looking miserable.

"Please, don't..." she protested weakly, not wanting more violence to be used for her sake. "If they come back--" she was cut off as a voice spoke up in her head.

"They are trying to comfort you, little one. At least act as though you feel comforted--it would be rude to do otherwise. These people are willing to protect you, frail one, don't tell them their protection is unwelcome." Peace flinched as the feminine voice that reminded her so much of the tinkling of hail on rooftops and the howling of a blizzard that had raged for days in Snowpoint city the one time her family had visited cousin there and snowed them in. Peace still remembered the terrible thoughts about not making it out of the house that had filled her head at the time...once they had gotten out and away from the city, her family had never gone back to visit that cousin.

"We won't let anything happen to you, Peace," Cissnei said soothingly, misinterpreting the flinch. The girl's features softened, looking sad, but she said nothing but a featherlight "Thank you," that barely existed at all.

"We mean it," Marten backed his friend up, but Peace shook her head.

"It's not that I--" the girl’s words were cut off as a large, blue lion-like creature ducked around the bushes that hid part of the garden from view. Instead of finishing what she had been saying, Peace gave a shriek and almost flew to Marten's side and practically plastered herself to the man, who didn't move or speak at the creature's appearance, and neither did Cissnei. Night had long since disappeared into the house with her Gardevoir.

Cissnei was long used to seeing the creatures, called Ronso, though her eyebrows raised slightly as this Ronso apologized and stated his name. "Ah, Kimahri, what a surprise!" the young woman said, offering the great beast a smile. "Is there anything you're looking for here, or are you just passing through? If you're looking to buy or trade, you'll most likely have to knock on doors to get people outside--we just had a rather nasty problem pop up, and the people are probably still holed up in their houses for the most part,” she said gesturing to the houses around them. Meanwhile, Marten was trying to coax Peace down from where she clung to him, fingers gripping fistfuls of shirt so tightly her knuckles were white.

“Peace,” Marten sighed, “it’s okay, Kimahri’s not after you… He’s parts of a tribe of beings called Ronso that live in the mountains nearby—they come into town on occasion, you can let go now…” This was spoken as Marten tried (unsuccessfully) to pull her off his side with one hand, the other hand still holding his gun. Peace said nothing in reply, but the fact she still clung to him like a baby Koala to its mother seemed to say she wasn’t very convinced. In fact, as another girl spoke up, she flinched and clung even more tightly to the big man. Marten just huffed in defeat and stopped trying to pull her off.

New Pokemon Research Center
Link: Darkrai

"So, Professor Krane, how many Pokemon do you know of that have blue eyes?" Jovi found herself asking as she entered the office of man she had looked up to as a father figure for years. Her mother, a lovely blonde woman named Lily, was already in the office, sitting at a desk in the corner where she appeared to be going through paperwork. When Jovi spoke, she looked up disapprovingly.

"Jovi, how many times have I told you to knock on doors before you open them?" her mother asked her. In response, the blue-haired teen shrugged fluidly.

"I dunno, but if the Professor was doing anything important, the door would be locked; I know that much," she countered before turning her attention to the Professor as Lily shook her head and turned back to her paperwork, muttering something about 'That girl' being 'uncontrollable."

"I'm really not sure, Jovi. While I study Pokemon, I do not have their eye colors memorized...why is it you ask?" Krane questioned. Jovi thought back to the dream she'd had that morning and shivered involuntarily.

"I had a dream this morning where this strange...well, I think it was a Pokemon, with bright blue eyes was talking to me. It felt really weird, I was just wondering what that Pokemon I was dreaming about might have been," the girl said simply. Krane shrugged and shook his head.

"Well, as interesting as that sounds, I can't help you, Jovi. Sorry," Krane said before turning his eyes back to his computer. Jovi sighed and turned back towards the door; so much for that idea.

OOC: This WOULD have been done and better last night, but something happened and the page refreshed or something and deleted my entire, almost completed post... At this point it's a miracle I didn't break my computer so I could get it written a second time.

Also--any suggestions on where to send Jovi?

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