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Default Re: General Anime Discussion Thread

I made it to the end of Sinnoh! I was very impressed with Sinnoh League Victors overall. Hardly any boring fillers and lots of epic battles.

The Grand Festival battles between Zoey and Nando and Zoey and Dawn were pretty amazing, I really have a new respect for contests, which I never liked before. It was pretty cool to see interesting combinations that could be used in regular battles and not just contests.

What is up with the Sinnoh League though?! How can some guy just come in with a legend and own everyone. It seems really unfair. =\ I am really happy that Ash did so well and also made it to the top 4 for the first time, though. And also was the only one who defeated Darkrai. I guess if they had to make Ash lose, at least they did it in a way where he still came out looking good.

So I am now onto BW. I happened to watch the episode where Ash catches Snivy right after the episode where he defeats Darkrai and Latios. So I basically just saw Pikachu pummel a Latios,keep up with its speed, survive a Luster Purge and be overall awesome and now I see it unable to hit a WILD SNIVY with a Quick Attack. Huh! I know they reset Pikachu in each new region but do they have to go that far?!

I then see Ash lose a battle to a brand new trainer. After defeating TWO legends. I kinda remember why I stopped watching this show... it seems like all the work Ash did during Sinnoh counts for nothing and he's back to being completely inexperienced. Does he really need Iris to remind him that he needs to weaken a Pokemon before he can catch it?! At least in Sinnoh HE was the one who was helping Dawn out, not the other way around. I feel like Ash has completely reverted even worse than he did in Hoenn and Sinnoh (at least he was in a mentor role then). To top it all off, Pikachu manages to lose to the water monkey in the first gym... How is that even possible?! I nearly threw something at my TV.

Okay I am feeling better now. xD But it really frustrates me that just when I was getting back into the anime and really enjoying it and remembering why I used to like it, it has to go from amazing to lame in under 1 episode...

Also am I the only one who wants to throw something at Iris every time she says "you're such a kid, Ash". *twitch* If she was a very experienced trainer who was older than Ash and clearly superior then it wouldn't be so bad, but she doesn't even have a Pokemon that can battle at this stage, just a big mouth.

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