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Default Re: Meloetta Invasion: Riddle Contest

Alright no one go the correct answer, though some were applicable I have to say. XD

I empower or shudder, perplex and blaze
Mimic beasts or create floral haze
Drops and down, or a nightly phase
Only one kind of these I can do per try
Have you figured it out: What am I?

Answer: A Dance

What the dance can do references various Pokémon moves with dance in their name:
Empower: Swords Dance
Shudder: Quiver Dance
Perplex: Teeter Dance
Blaze: Fiery Dance
Drops: Rain Dance
Down: Featherdance
Nightly phase: Lunar Dance

Only one kind of these I can do per try: References that each of these are unique and cannot all be done by one single thing, except a dance.

Alright here is your new riddle!

The first thing in this Smeargle’s mind was to create something new.
She ventured to have a conversation between Ho-oh for inspiration.
There the first character, a Noctowl, interrupted them in the middle of their chat.
However both ends of his Girafarig friend brought the end to the search.

What was the creation?
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