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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

New Bark Town - Un route to Capital City
Link ~ Giratina

"So cold. So dark. So alone"

Shade sat in his usual spot int Kotone's room. His eyes were opened and trained on his trainer who stirred in her sleep. He didn't know why she was so unnerved by her dream but whatever it was that was making her uncomfortable it wasn't natural. Something was happening, he could sense it, but what it was he didn't know, he started to worry for his trainer, but he knew she was going to be ok.

"Who am I? Tell me, who am I?"

Kotone awoke with a start, covered in a cold sweat, her heart pounding. She couldn't remember anything from her dream apart from feeling so cold and alone, so very alone. She drew her knees up to her chest and hugged them. She didn't like this and she knew she had to figure out what this dream meant.

She got off her bed, it was morning now, and went into her un suit bathroom, petting Shade's head as she went, so she could have a shower. Shade knew what his trainer was thinking. He awoke Blue who sleepily fell off the bed and walked over to her backpack, nudging it so Blue knew he had to open it. He did so, taking out his poke ball, Shade's dusk ball and another, a luxury ball.

Once Kotone got out her shower and noticed the empty room and the three pokeball's on the floor, she smiled. Her pokemon knew her too well. She quickly scribbled down a note telling her mother she was going out for a bit before getting ready.

She put on her usual gear, got her pokeballs and notched them onto her belt, keeping the luxury ball in hand. She put various items in her bag before slinging it over her head and letting the strap rest on her shoulder. She walked out her room, down the stairs and left the note on the kitchen counter before walking out into the brisk air.

She took a deep breath before releasing the pokemon within the luxury ball, placing the now empty container on her belt. The green dragon pokemon let out a small noise of apreciation towards it's trainer.

"Hello Sparky. Miss me?" She asked, petting his head. The Flygon mewled in responce and opened his wings, expecting and anticipating a flight. Kotone giggled lightly before jumping onto the pokemon's back. Sparky raised his head and crouched low, adjusting to the weight of his trainer before taking off. He wasn't sure where he was going but Kotone pointed a direction and so he flew that way. It was towards Capital City. Kotone knew someone there would be able to help her, who she didn't know.

Rikku and Lilly Brice
Unnamed little town
Links ~ Quetzalcoatl and Deoxys
ARP's ~ Enkaku_Kumori and Winter somewhat

Rikku walked infront of Dancer and Angel towards her house. She lead them past a large-ish house, with a small group of people outside, when a large blue lion like beast jumped out from behind a bush. Rikku sighed, there was way to much crazy today, but the creature seemed familiar.

'D, hey D. Look, it's kinda like a Luxray.' The small golden Riolu telepathically squealled when she caught sight of the new creature. She turned and squirmed in Dancer's hold, trying to get a better look.

Dancer, who had been too wrapped up in her thoughts about her trainer failed to see the large blue lion beast and dropped Angel when she quirmed in her hold. The golden Rilou didn't mind however, seizing this chance to climb to her feet and scramble towards the beat, landing on one of it's paws, letting out a small 'Soft' in pokespeach. She quickly righted herself and proceedde to try and reach up and grab one of the lion's ears.

Dancer sighed and walked over to Angel, picking her up and scolding her telepathically, while making sure Lilly was still ok and floating behind her.

Rikku walked after them, still curious about the large blue beast when it finally clicked. "K-Kimahri. Is that you?" She beamed at the beast. She remembered her times with Tidus, Yuna, Kimahri, Auron and the others. Hopefully Kimahri remembered her, and hopefully she could find someone that could help her locate Yuna, oh how she hoped she could see her cousin and comfirm her safety.
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