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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Grant's Pass, USA
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel), Sabi (Amiel), and Nar(?)

"Land!" Shiba gasped, not bothering to wait for Daniel, or Al, for that matter, to move. The woman opted instead to throw an arm around the smaller girl parked on her lap and swung both of the out of the driver’s side door the moment Argeno was out of the truck. Al let out a small shriek of surprise that turned into laughter as she was set on her feet. “I thought that ride was never going to end!” she exclaimed, moving into runner’s stretches and grumbling about her legs feeling like they were barely there. Somehow Argeno had talked the girls out of their plan to jack a car despite the lack of space in the Clinker. Al and Shiba had both been disappointed in his case, but allowed him to win, seeing as the beat-up red truck was like his baby, though neither girl could quite understand why.

“You aren’t alone there,” Al contributed quietly, watching her as the girl zipped up her hoodie again, but flipped down the hood. Argeno slid his bag back into place on his shoulder and then stretched out his own tall figure before looking to Al.

“Think you can be ready to suggest your way out of here if this is the wrong place?” he asked her, Al nodded.

“Of course, Argeno,” the smaller girl replied, suggesting a small smile was pulling at her lips. “I’m always ready to protect you and Shiba—you’re all I have left, and I’m going to keep you with me if it’s the last thing I ever do.” Argeno and Shiba both shivered at the words, but didn’t show just how much they wished that protecting them wasn’t the last thing Al would ever have to do.

“Alright,” he sighed, slamming the driver’s side door of the truck shut and heading to where a rough-looking man in stain-covered overalls and a grey shirt was already approaching them. Al and Shiba followed closely behind, assuming Daniel would follow as well as soon as he was done doing whathever he was doing in the truck. “Excuse me, we’re in need of a new vehicle…a van, or something else big, preferably, and heard we might find one at a junkyard in Grant’s Pass… Would this be the place we were directed to?” Argeno asked the man. Al and Shiba waited tensely behind him, unsure of whether or not they were in hot water yet.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone involved with the fight against the Antitivity (The Resistance, mebbe?)

"A creature?" Silverstreak responded to Veza's question curiously before popping free of Kari's face to float free of his partner, this was inevitably followed by a peal of giggles from the girl. Next to them, Shiri just shook her head and sighed.

"That is the least imposing thing ever. I mean, really, Kari? Big bad girl and awesome silver dragon... but the girl giggles when the dragon separates from her skin? Ridiculous. Our enemies will die of laughter." It was easy to tell the girl was partly joking, and Kari laughed a little, shrugging.

“What? I can’t help it!” The Sona countered as she kept walking, dragging Silverstreak along with her.

”What kind of creature? Just a new one in general? You have to understand, creativity with a Graphix is highly dependent on several factors, my Deviant is a Graphix, so I understand most of the process, but you’re going to have to elaborate a bit more,” the dragon continued to direct his thoughts mostly to Veza, choosing to ignore his companions and their laughing and joking. The question had attracted the dragon’s interest, and it was going to take a bit more before he could totally understand it.

“Oh jeez, you’re going to get ‘Streak going on one of his huge Graphix lectures,” Kari groaned, Shiri laughed softly as well.

“I think they’re kind of interesting,” the Siren admitted.

“Only because you like comparing how they make stuff to how you and Al come up with stuff,” Kari shot back. Silverstreak turned his head to almost glare at Kari.

”Would you kindly stop your pouting, Kari? I’m trying to answer a question.” he said, effectively putting an end to the current banter and left the girls to pick their way over the changing terrain with Veza and the others.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: N/A

“We bring you the latest news update regarding the conflict in Japan. Deviants have massed together to take over much of the Shibuya area, including the majority of the train lines going in and out to smaller communities and cities. WAE officials are at a stalemate currently with these terrorists, who have been unwilling to comply to a truce or an agreement. As the majority of the footage involves high levels of vandalism including graffiti and radio hijacking, we are unable to show it on his channel. Officials are not sure for then the resistance will show weakness, as numbers seem to be growing. However they reassure civilians that there is no need to worry or panic, and remind anyone who feels threatened or uneasy by these people, to visit their local clinic for a psychological appointment. This has been a report from the International News network.”

Nova sighed and turned the television in Ryza’s room off. “And that would be why Adrian wants us in Japan,” he announced simply, though he knew Ryza had just barely been paying attention to it. The girl was too busy drawing at the desk almost opposite of the television with her new colored pencils to be interested in the news, and it tended to be fairly boring anyway.

“Great. A crowd control job—just what the public needs to see, news videos of me anger blasting crowds of Deviants. That’s really gonna help convince everyone I’m not a monster,” the girl replied bitingly. Nova sighed, and turned to face the back of her head.

“You want to be free, don’t you? This is what to have to do to get your freedom, unfortunately, Ryza. Adrian doesn’t seem to be under the impression you’re a monster, in fact he didn’t seem pleased about what was being done to you. Just think of it this way—if he’s the one giving you your freedom, his opinion is the only one that should matter to you,” he suggested. Ryza turned around to face him, sunglasses sitting on the desk. Blue eyes met brown, but Ryza didn’t blast him like he would have suspected she would, Ryza just looked sad.

“Nova,” she started quietly, “I am sixteen years old. I might not be right in the head, but peoples opinons still matter to me slightly. No one wants to be seen as a monster by everyone around them.”

“Ryza—“ Nova was cut off by a knock at the door just before the knocker opened it. The woman that stood there blinked in what might have been a flash of surprise at finding both the room’s inhabitant and a man there, but the surprise was quickly stifled.

“Ryza Hale and Nova Bard, Mr. Acursio would like to see you. Please come with me.” Without a word, Ryza dropped her pencil and grabbed Cecil and put on her sunglasses, choosing to leave her sketchbook behind so she could more easily cling to Nova’s arm—which she caught ahold of the moment Nova stood and headed towards the door. The girl wanted to tell Nova the man scared her and she didn’t want to see him again, but she knew they had no choice. She belonged to the WAE, no matter how much freedom she was gaining at this point, and because of that, she had no option to choose who she did and didn’t want to see.

OOC: I feels nice to be writing for these guys again... Velo, feel free to skip to wherever you need to with Aerys, Thirteen, and The Engineer.

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