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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Here auntie Kotomi. This one is yours." As the group continued to watch the toddlers open their presents, Scarlet walked over to Kotomi with one and handed her a wrapped box with her name on it.

"Thanks." Kotomi said with a smile, opening the box to pull out a piece of clothing. Aidenís face became as red as his hair when he realized what it was, and he quickly looked away to try and hide it.

"Don't you like it? Caroline and I shopped at Victoria's Secret." Lexi chuckled. "We thought that when you and Aiden are alone then you can wear that to spice things up."

"Lexi!" Kotomi whined as Aiden refused to look up for a few moments, bringing Ichiru to chuckle softly. This was the first time he had seen Aiden get so flustered in all of the months he had been with them.

"All the girls got one!" Caroline said cheerfully. "You got black, Lexi got red, Diana got blue, I got purple, Ashley got pink, Bonnie got orange, Meredith got white and Isobel got green!"

Kisekiís face matched Aidenís after he heard that Caroline had gotten one as well, and Ichiru couldnít help but laugh. Even after nineteen years - almost twenty now - the younger twin was still flustered so easily. Aiden took the opportunity to tease him to try and get rid of his own embarrassment, and after a few moments of listening to the two argue playfully, Ichiru heard Ashley mention that Bonnie and the others were on their way over with a surprise.

Only a few moments later, Bonnie came through the door with April in her arms, followed by Diana, Jeremy and Mason, who was carrying a large box with air holes.

"What's in the box uncle Mason?" Abigail questioned as the ginger carefully put it down.

"This is your new best friend." Mason responded, as the toddlers opened the top of the box. A black and white Husky puppy jumped out and began running around the toddlers in excitement, bringing them box to scream with joy.

"We got a puppy?" Scarlet asked in shock.

"Yep." Mason laughed. "It's a girl so you two need to think of a good name for her."

"Raven?" Abigail looked to her sister as she suggested a name, Scarlet nodding in response before both of them shifted their attention to Ichiru and Ashley.

"Can we take her outside and play with her?" Scarlet asked.

"What about the rest of your presents?" Ashley responded with a laugh.

"We can open them after." Abigail answered, and Ichiru nodded along with Ashley as the two jumped up and down with joy. Ashley gave Ichiru a kiss before rising from the couch and retrieving Abigailís and Scarletís jackets, boots, hats and gloves. The majority of the group followed the toddlers outside as they went to play with the puppy.

"Looks like those three are going to tire themselves out on their own." Kol commented with a laugh. Aiden and Kiseki laughed as well while Ichiru smiled, watching the children play for a few more moments before Scarlet suddenly ran straight into a familiar Hybrid who had suddenly appeared with a bag in his hand. Ichiruís reaction was more protective than shocked, which brought him to start toward the two, but stopped when Klaus shook his head at Ashley, who had been doing the same thing. He watched along with the rest of the group as Klaus knelt down in front of the toddler and spoke with her, going so far as to heal a cut on her hand. He then stood and shifted his attention to Diana.

"Let me guess; more blood?"

"I don't want to pull you away from your family on Christmas, so perhaps we could do this inside?" Klaus responded.

"No." Diana shook her head. "You're not invited in."

"Well that's a pity. I don't really see how fair it is since Mason has been invited in." Klaus then turned to Mason. "I want to come in."

"You're invited in." Aiden and the twins looked at the ginger in pure shock as he responded with not even a shred of hesitation.

"Mason!" Diana exclaimed in shock.

"Wait a minute... you didn't tell them, did you?" Klaus said in amusement, and he looked back at Diana with a smirk. "He's been Sired, sweetheart."


"Yes. It's where a Hybrid is loyal to the person who created them, so Mason is Sired to me now." Klaus responded.

"So you lied to us a few days ago?" Diana asked as she looked at Mason. Ichiruís shock faded away into a frown as he realized the situation.

"I didn't know how to tell you guys." Mason looked down as he responded.

"You two can chat about this later." Klaus stepped away from Scarlet and walked into the house, prompting the rest of the group to follow. After he had gotten what he needed from Diana, he simply left without another word. Diana looked over to Mason as a heavy atmosphere fell over the room.

"We need to talk." Mason nodded at the young Witchís words, and the two disappeared outside.

ďThis isnít going to end wellÖĒ Aiden muttered as they spoke outside for a few moments, and Kiseki looked at the ground. He too realized the situation they were in. Mason would oblige to anything Klaus wanted - even if he had told him to kill himself he would do it without question. That put all of them in a horrible situation, and left them at the Hybridís mercy yet again.

Diana returned alone only moments later and sat on the couch. Aiden glanced out the window to see that Mason was gone now, which meant that the talk hadnít ended well after all. No one said anything, however, for they all knew that they had probably either broken up or Mason had simply left. What a wonderful way to start Christmas morningÖ
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