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Default Meloetta's Playlist (Post your favorite Pokemon music!)

The Meloetta Invasion is upon us!
As you all know, the legendary Meloetta is known as the "Melody Pokemon"--the muse of the Pokemon world, so to speak. In her honor, let us create a playlist featuring some of our favorite Pokemon tunes or remixes! Share a link or two and explain why those melodies move you!


Submitted Songs:

1.) N's Castle [Pokemon Black and White)
2.) The Greatest Loss of All (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers)
3.) SS Anne (Pokemon Red and Blue)
4.) Johto Champion Battle (Pokemon Black and White 2)
5.) Iris Battle (Pokemon Black and White 2)
6.) Ending Credits (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl)
7.) End Theme <unsure of real title> (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue)
8.) Opening Theme (Super Pokemon Rumble Blast)
9.) Tears, After the Cloudy Weather (Pokemon Anime)
10.) The Legend Comes to Life (Pokemon the Movie: 2000)
11.) Jubilife City (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl)
12.) Legendary Beast (Gold, Silver, Crystal)
13.) Kanto Champion (GARY MOTHERFREAKIN' OAK---Er, I mean, Black and White)
14.) Rival Encounter + Battle (Saphhire, Ruby, Emerald)
15.) Dialga's Fight to the Finish (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2)
16.) Route 120 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)
17.) Temporal Tower (PMD 2)
18.) Distortion World (Platinum)
19.) Sky Tower (PMD)
20.) Team Galactic Battle (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)
21.) Farm Battle (Pokemon Conquest)


I'll start the ball rolling by sharing some of my favorite themes from Black and White, as orchestrated by YoshiDude12: [link] N's Castle was quite the epic climax to the story, and I felt that this song really portrays the tension that's quickly escalating as you navigate the enigmatic castle. I also like the antique feeling the different intruments add, making it feel as if you really are reliving an old legend (dat organ! mmm!). I especially like what YoshiDude did with this remix, adding the choir which really contributed to the over-all effect.

Next, I'd like to share this remix by TheGuitarHeroe: [link] The PMD games have some of the most amazing soundtracks, I think. Other than this piece--which is a mash-up really of several themes--I'm also fond of the "Time Gear" Theme, "Through the Sea of Time", and the various Grovyle themes. But I picked this remix because of the instruments used in it and the emotion portrayed in it :3

Lastly, I can't talk about Pokemon music without sharing Pokemon Re-Orchestrated. Out of the music skotein has posted so far, I'd have to say I like the SS Anne is my favorite, due to the awesome string lead it has :3 I feel like it really portrays a sea-bound adventure ^^

So guys, let's get our playlist started! What's your favorite Pokemon theme?

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