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Speaking of JRPGs and whatnot (Which I personally pick but I enjoy both greatly.) and the Kingdom Hearts mention; you guys hear about the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 collection? Kingdom Hearts, Re:Chain Memories and (at least the cutscenes of) 358/2 days on PS3. It's coming soon to Japan. Hopefully we get a release of it also then.

Speaking of WRPGs, anybody get Borderlands 2? I'm loving it so far. :D

and why didn't he just use a phoenix down on aerith then she died
Phoenix Down revives KO, not death. The FF peeps don't actually die in battle. They just get knocked out. And apparently the down of a flame bird revives them. Don't see why they can't just pour of a bucket of water or something but whatever works for them. But yeah either way, it wouldn't have worked even if he tried it. They did something like it in FF5 which was probably my favourite part of the entire game. I'll avoid going into details because of potential spoilers and whatnot, but yeah. Not really an unsolved mystery~.
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Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

Stardy = awesome

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