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Default Re: WiiU

Not interested currently. None of the games look great for me, and frankly the whole control scheme seems odd.

Sure, Smash Bros. will come out eventually, and there IS Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, but the latter I can buy for my 360 so I don't see any point of getting it for the Wii U (although I admit, the map being on the controller seems like a good idea. HD images of the racer in front of you on it, however, does not. Watch as you gaze at that while crashing into obstacles!).

Plus, my guessing of the price - $350 - being correct only makes me wince. I wish I had been wrong...

It does play Wii games from what I know, but I adore playing my old GC games, even my oldest which is from 2001 and was originally a Dreamcast game XD

So currently, no. Let the price drop~
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