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People that were traveling can end up at ther desinations. Time skip is about a few hours long, up to your discretion.

Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Grant's Pass, USA
ARPer's: Velocity, narphoenix, Winter if she gets there

The drive was a long and continuous one. I wasn’t sure how long for, but I was starting to get sore just sitting down on my bike. That probably meant a few hours. Grants Pass was in sight and I knew where to go from memory. The sky was greying up even more, almost promising rain, maybe a thunder storm. I liked thunder storms, less of a chance of finding a helicopter that was WAE operated and owned catching you and then capturing you like some wild animal that left the woods. As I pulled around the outside of town, I could see a large junkyard in the distance, piles of metal and scrap imitating miniature mountains. As you drove closer, the mounds grew higher and higher, to the point of towering over a single story house. A basic fence ran around the property, and the opening to drive in had a weathered and wooden sign reading ‘Charlie’s Repair and Recycling’. Signs were usually short and simple, to the point as anything catchy was seen as suspicious. I pulled in, not paying attention if the people who were following me before were still following me. As I did, a scruffy looking man came out, oil stains splattered on his overalls, a grey shirt, gloves and a bandana around his head.

I dismounted my bike, and handed it off to the man. “Just the usual Devon.”

“Yeah yeah I got a heads up. Also more are comin’ I hear?” Devon half asked, half stated to me.

“So I’ve been told. I’ll be inside.”

“Yeah yeah, just don’t eat out my fridge.”

I walked into the small house that paralleled the garage. Devon secretly harbored Deviants that passed through, so had an extra stock of food, a spare room with cots and the like. The inside looked like a typical cabin, a couch, a chair, tv and a small kitchen. There was a small square table in the corner with two folding chairs with cushions on them. I decided to sit at the table, put my arms on it and put my head down. I took rest where I could get it, but I always slept so lightly.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Everyone involved in the fight [we need a new name for this]

I could tell the terrain was changing as we left Umecit. The hills were getting more sloped, and rocks started to buffet me off course. At least try to anyway. Ahaelos was our next destination, a place where a lot of more beastly Sona’s lived, and certainly where the majority of the ones belonging to animals lived. These Sona were tricky, and good at getting in and out of the sight of WAE. Some rumored they knew how to get in and out of the Velvod territory without much harm. That’s the kind of people we needed to find, and maybe recruit more in a quiet manner. One huge uprising was going to spread like wildfire, and as much as I wanted to help, getting caught and put back in wasn’t going to be any kind of productive. What we had to find was the small, or one of the small villages that knew of the beast that could bypass any lock. No one was sure if it was a human Sona in an incredibly beastly form, or an animal one with an incredible amount of intelligence. Either way I knew we needed to find it. From what I remember of being stuck in WAE, they wanted this beast for assimilation, but they could never find it, and anyone who did was unlucky enough to end up dead. There was only one thing I had to ask.

“Could anyone tell me…how creative people such as Graphix get when creating something new like a creature…? Since we’re looking for one I’d want to be prepared.”

If only my Sona was a Graphix, I wouldn’t feel so stupid about asking the question. Being out of creativity for as long as I was had it’s moments.

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Anyone with a TV for the broadcast

“We bring you the latest news update regarding the conflict in Japan. Deviants have massed together to take over much of the Shibuya area, including the majority of the train lines going in and out to smaller communities and cities. WAE officials are at a stalemate currently with these terrorists, who have been unwilling to comply to a truce or an agreement. As the majority of the footage involves high levels of vandalism including graffiti and radio hijacking, we are unable to show it on his channel. Officials are not sure for then the resistance will show weakness, as numbers seem to be growing. However they reassure civilians that there is no need to worry or panic, and remind anyone who feels threatened or uneasy by these people, to visit their local clinic for a psychological appointment. This has been a report from the International News network.”

Adrian turned off the TV once the report was over. He was sitting in his quarters, feeling a bit sick himself from the broadcast. It wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before, but it was still something he didn’t like. He knew the entire broadcast would play on the unfiltered channels where the strongest of WAE watched without falter. He knew one thing though, every time he watched a broadcast, a voice came to him. The albino wandered to his coffee machine that was placed plainly, and cleanly on the desk, pouring in the dark liquid carefully. Soon a shooting pain came through his head, forcing him to flinch in such a way his hand jerked, spilling the contents of the pot over the countertop.

‘They will be there…’

Adrian tried to endure the pain, but it was the same every time, and he succumbed to it every time. Once it subsided, he stood up, looking at the mess he had made, and walked to find a towel to clean it up. He wasn’t sure who they were, but if it had to do with Japan, he had to get something up and started. That’s why he had taken Ryza away and gotten Nova to work with her.
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