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I just realized that it isn't enough, here is the changed version.
Meloetta battle:
* It was a sunny day and I was training my emboar in order to beat the champion, alder. That's when a beautiful Pokemon appeared out of*seems to be a femininely anthropomorphic figure with musical bar-style streaks in its hair, quarter notes for its arms and hands, and pupil-less eyes resembling whole notes. It is so amazing that I paused for a moment before I took out my pokedex.*
* "Meloetta,*Its melodies are sung with a special vocalization method that can control the feelings of those who hear it. It is a legendary Pokemon." the mechanic voice of the pokedex rung beside my ears.*
* "Wow! A legendary pokemon?! How rare is that? Am I lucky or what? Go, emboar!" I exclaimed, feeling excited. Emboar roared loudly and prepared to battle the wonderful Pokemon in front of us. "Flamethrower!" I shouted and a beam of fire shot out of emboar's mouth. With a smile, Meloetta dodged the attack with a swift.*
* "What? It's speed is so high?" I shouted and commanded emboar to use continuous fire blast. Emboar opened his mouth and almost immediately, hundreds of fire blasts shot towards Meloetta.
* Suddenly, Meloetta disappeared and reappeared beside emboar, tackling him with all the might she could master. Emboar groaned and stumbled back.*
* "Quick attack, huh? Emboar, use flame charge!" a ball of fire appeared outside emboar's body and with a furious bellow, emboar charged. Upon seeing this, Meloetta flew so high that emboar could not reach her and started to use sing. The peaceful rhythm made emboar felt sleepy and fall asleep, while I pinched myself to stop myself from falling asleep. Meloetta grinned when emboar fall asleep and landed *wave after wave of close combat on him. Emboar groaned and fainted, unable to take more damage.
* "Just as what I had expected. Legendary pokemons should be strong. It's your turn now, alakazam!" I threw the pokeball and with a flash of yellow light, a yellow Pokemon appeared. " use psychic!" I exclaimed. Alakazam began to gather power and chained Meloetta inside an invisible barrier. Meloetta grinned and struggled for a while before she broke free. Seeing this, alakazam used shadow ball and a ball of black energy flew towards Meloetta at a speed that is so fast that it cannot be evaded. Meloetta had her eyes opened wide as the black ball hit her. Now I got her! I thought happily
* But, Meloetta managed to take that hit with minimum damage by using psychic to conter it and started to sing a new song just as she was being thrown backwards by the blow. It was the**Relic Song! Her form begin to change and grinned evilly as she landed bolt after bolt of thunder at my alakazam. Unable to take the blow, alakazam fainted.
* "This is it! Your turn, my boy!" I was enraged by Meloetta and sent out my strongest Pokemon.Soon, a white-colored, bipedal Pokémon of seemingly draconian and mammalian basis, with some of the avian features of feathers. It has a jet engine-like tail used to accelerate itself when flying in high speeds. It can send flames into the air from its tail to incinerate everything around it. Its name is reshiram! He*roared fiercely and used blue flare as soon as it is placed onto the field. Meloetta was shocked and could not react on time. Blue flare hit her and made her fall onto the ground. This is my chance!
* With my heart thumping wildly, I threw an ultra ball at Meloetta and watched carefully as it shook. Finally, with a 'ting', I caught her. Yay!
Please gimme a Meloetta! Thanks

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