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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Michael Knight from District Two
Training Center

Ichiru didn't seem to have actually decided on another training station yet, which left the two of them in silence after Kiseki's response. The older twin's attention fell on Ashley, who just so happened to be looking at him at that very moment. Their eyes met only briefly before she turned and left the training room, although Ichiru heard her say that she was going to get some fresh air, which he knew meant she was going to the roof.

Kiseki's attention fell back on Caroline as she walked by them with Jeremy, overhearing her asking him which station he wanted to go to. Ichiru looked back over at his brother and followed his gaze over to the two on the track. He noticed Caroline look at them briefly before averting her gaze straight ahead again as she said something, which brought him to frown slightly as he turned his attention back to Kiseki. His expression only worsened when he saw that the younger twin had averted his gaze to the ground.

"Am I causing you problems?" Kiseki looked up sharply at Ichiru's hushed but dead serious question.

"No, it--"

"Because if I am, I can just go away and keep an eye on things from a distance."

"You're not." Kiseki looked back at the ground for a moment, knowing that he couldn't really discuss Caroline's fears here. Ichiru frowned, obviously not convinced.

"I don't want to put distance between you and your partner." He stated simply. "If my presence is a problem, I can stay away."

"No." Kiseki's response was faster and more panicked than he had meant for it to be, but he didn't acknowledge it. "I want to go through the Games with both of you..."

Ichiru sensed that there was something Kiseki couldn't tell him here, which brought his expression to soften. He knew Caroline had to have a reason behind avoiding her own partner, but it was obvious Kiseki didn't want to speak of it in front of the other tributes.

"Alright." Kiseki looked back up at him, and he offered a smile. "We can get some fresh air later. That may make you feel better."

Kiseki knew his brother was hinting around that he could tell him about the situation with Caroline on the roof because no one would be able to hear them. He gave a nod, returning the smile offered to him. When the training was over and they went back to their own floor, maybe he could catch Caroline and talk to her again. Somehow it just didn't seem like her fears had been eased that quickly, and it bothered him. A lot. It was actually painful to see her basically avoiding him, but he wouldn't make a big deal out of it here. He would just wait until later to talk to her when they were alone, and maybe they could get passed this.

"Speaking of fresh air..." Ichiru's voice snapped Kiseki out of his thoughts, bringing him to look back at his brother. "I think I'll go get some myself right now."

Kiseki knew already that his brother was concerned about Ashley, which he certainly wouldn't complain about, because his concern proved that he had some trust in another tribute whether he realized it or not. It was obvious he didn't understand it, and that it was bothering him, which was all the more reason to let him go.

"Okay." Kiseki gave his twin a smile as he responded, noticing the look in Ichiru's eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. You go on ahead."

Ichiru seemed hesitant for a few moments, but finally he gave a nod, glancing over at Michael, who was finishing up at the knot-tying station.

"Why don't you try to make some new friends while I'm gone and increase our little party?" He smirked at Kiseki, who smiled at his approval of trying to recruit Michael. He gave a nod in response, and Ichiru turned away to head for the exit of the training center.

Kiseki glanced back over to Michael, debating with himself over approaching the younger teen. It was true that he seemed different, but he was from District Two… They were the most loyal to the Capitol out of all of the Districts.

After what felt like several moments even though it was mere seconds, the dark haired teen finally walked over to the blonde haired teen. Michael seemed to sense someone behind him and turned around just as Kiseki arrived at his side, the two of them looking at each other in surprise for a moment before Kiseki offered a smile.

“Hey. My name’s Kiseki.” Michael appeared obviously surprised at his friendly approach, but after a few moments, he returned the smile with one of his own - the first genuine smile he had given anyone since coming here.


“Where is your partner?” Kiseki questioned as he glanced around the room for the female tribute from Two.

“She’s here somewhere… Probably enjoying herself with something more exciting than fiddling with a bunch of rope.” Kiseki laughed at Michael’s words, watching the blonde put down his final knot, speaking without looking back up at first. “What about yours?”

“She’s on the track.” Kiseki responded as his gaze went back over to Caroline and Jeremy, although he averted it to the ground shortly after, which Michael noticed instantly as he turned back toward the dark haired teen. “She… She wanted to spend some time with some old friends, so I’m staying out of the way.”

Michael furrowed his brow, easily seeing through Kiseki’s smile and excuse, but it wasn’t his place to question it. Instead he turned his attention to the absence of the other boy with dark hair that he had seen with Kiseki only moments before.

“Wasn’t there two of you before?” Kiseki chuckled at his humorous way of asking where Ichiru was.

“He’s on the roof getting some air.” He paused, looking at the ground for a minute as he tried to think of something else to say or ask. He wanted to get an idea of who Michael was before he decided to form an alliance with him or not.

“Hey, I know this is sudden, but do you want to train with me?” Michael asked, bringing Kiseki to look up at him with something akin to shock. However, despite his suspicions, he gave a smile and a nod in response.

“Sure, you can pick the station.” Michael’s expression seemed to brighten at his response, and he started to lead Kiseki to a different station. He seemed nice enough, but it was too soon to tell, and even if he was, Kiseki knew he would have to talk to Caroline about him as well since she was his partner. He knew she would probably be wary of him simply from the fact that he was from Two, just like Ichiru and himself were, but somehow he felt that they wouldn’t have to worry about that for long.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three

After a quick ride on the elevator, Ichiru stepped out on the roof, where he saw Ashley standing over near the edge. He paused for a moment, partially distracted by the warmth of the sun and the light breeze blowing. He hadn’t realized how suffocating it was back inside until this very moment. If he had a choice, he would have just stayed out here for his whole time at the Capitol.

He snapped himself out of his thoughts after a few moments, crossing the roof to stand near the edge beside the brunette.

“Hey, rich girl.” He greeted her with a smirk, although it was clear from his tone that he hadn’t meant any offense. He leaned on the edge of the roof, careful not to come into contact with the force field on the other side as he looked down at the streets far below them. As always, they were alive with people and cars. “I know it’s probably not my place to ask, but are the two of you doing alright after all of that?” He asked, referring to Aria as well. He knew the event had to have shaken her up pretty badly.

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