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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

You loved him so much, so Aggranium comes back~

Name: Aggranium (Grani'zul)
Species: Aggron/Meganium Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 24 years

Appearance: Typical Aggron in build, albeit slightly smaller and thus lighter. All of his armor is magenta in color, and the grey rock substance is now instead green - a bright green. Instead of horns, he has two holes closer to his eyes which allow antennae to come forth, which are yellow and exactly the same color as his eyes and claws.

Personality: Upbeat and humorous, Aggranium just loves everyone and everything. Really, he does. Always willing to give a hand, he adores helping and especially loves being thanked for it. Aggranium has a big heart, but perhaps the only thing bigger is his stupidity one some subjects. Aggranium is, for lack of a better word, a retard. Slow to figure out puzzles - if he even can - he much prefers letting others do it, although he rarely grows frustrated with it. He acknowledges that he "ain't no genius", grinning like a moron and humming a tune promptly after that. He's also a bit absentminded, but he seems to remember crucial details in the heat of the moment. Convenient, huh?

As loving, upbeat, and joyful Aggranium is, he does seem to harbor a sad side to him. Having only had Brokenstar to raise him and dealing with the rejection of his mother, he is fully aware of why he isn't accepted by the other Aggron and, quite frankly, it angers and grieves him. He hides it away deep inside, covering that pain with smiles and helping others to make himself feel better...but nothing can fill the void in his heart. He stands up to bullies and can't stand cruelty, but he hates not being accepted for who he is. Finding friends has proven...difficult...for him, and he'll be extremely loyal to those that are friendly.

It's unknown how he'll act when angry, as in his twenty-four year life he has never snapped at anyone once - not even glared. His mental range seems to be around half that, although if shifts all over the place.

History: -Filled in as it's discovered in the RP-

Other: Grass/Steel Type, ability is Metallic Bloom; all stats are maxed except Accuracy and Evasion if he is hit by a Fire Type attack...and survives.

Name: Brokenstar
Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Age: 97 years

Appearance: Normal Absol, although her horn is broken and she is noticeably grayer on the muzzle with duller, sunken eyes. She has a large gash on her left shoulder which pains her, but she won't complain. Her fur is also a bit shaggy, as she is unable to take as great care of it as she used to - pools are cold and it wrecks havoc on her creaky joints.

Personality: Wise and benevolent, Brokenstar has seen many things in her life; life, death, happiness, sadness...She herself once had a mate, but he - like many others - was ripped away in the prime of his life by disease. She shortly had a miscarriage after, and thus never had any true children of her own. This leads her to be gentle with children and families, and she is extremely cautious of any illness. Even a small cold could lead to something considerably worse, and in preparation for such an event she often keeps a store of berries around. This is to say that she is, notably, somewhat paranoid about it, although she never lets it get in the way.

When it comes to others, however, she is keen as sensing disasters as well as the emotions of others. She detests violence as it only brings more misery, and when she sees someone that has been rejected for one reason or another it disturbs her to no end. Cruelty in any form is best avoided, and if she can help someone, she will. She won't push herself on others but if needed, she can assert herself with enough power to make anyone respect an old Absol. Brokenstar always has a few words of wisdom to throw around, but it's a shame it couldn't save the valley.

History: -Filled in as it's discovered in the RP-

Other: Ability is Justified (DW Ability).

Name: Re'zula
Species: Aggron
Gender: Female
Age: 56 years

Appearance: Bigger than most Aggron, she has a glass crown - created by an expert Charizard and Hippowdon crew - on her head that is adorned with pearls within it. She also bears a cape of woven Mareep wool, which helps insulate her. A glass scepter topped with a big pearl completes the look of royalty.

Personality: Queen Bee to the extreme. Seriously. Re'zula is the clique leader, the prom queen, the diva, she is everything that represents rotten cores and is downright nasty if she doesn't like you. That being said, she's still demanding even if she does like you. She expects others to do things for her, although given her position as queen of her clan, she does arguably have some leverage with it. She enjoys getting her way, and as far as she is convinced her way is the only way to go. Crossing Re'zula is like crossing an enraged giant Tauros covered in spikes; it doesn't end well.

At all.

She has some kindness, however, after all she was the mate of the king and they did love each other very much. Maybe. She did cheat on him, however, and resulted with Aggranium for it...Whom she promptly abandoned to keep her secret hidden as well as to secure her position. So, for her, love is only surface deep - she uses it to get a position high in power or for needs. She's also conceited to the extreme - hence her getup - and extremely temperamental. Yep, she sure is a piece of work, huh?

History: -Filled in as it's discovered in the RP-

Other: Abilities are Rock Head and Sturdy. Also, queen of a clan of Aggron :3

I make it so DW and "special" abilities they can only have one of, while normally they have their two - or one - natural abilities.

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