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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Name: Myles

Species: Garbodor

Gender: Male

History: Myles was a bachelor Garbodor living by himself in the valley. He was a slob, and every knew it. He didn't think of what others thought of him, since it didn't really matter to him, but he never could get a date. When the valley was invaded, he cared only about getting himself out and his stuff so he left behind Pokemon that needed his help.

Personality: Myles is foul, sloppy, and lazy. He doesn't care what other Pokemon think of him, and will regularly speak his mind. He tries to avoid any work, but his laziness makes him pretty bad at fighting. However, he will do things others would never do, like eat food if it goes bad, so he has his uses. He has a talent for searching through junk and trash and finding useful things. He's somewhat of a hoarder and a kleptomaniac. He is too lazy to clean his house, so he has an extensive knowledge of poison and bug-type Pokemon.


Myles is an average Garbodor.

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