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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

(awww it was fine XD)

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
At The Capitol/ Training Center/ Roof

Ashley and the group listened to Keiru's words, their eyes traveling to the other tributes. Ashley had to admit that the training center was no place for a child, especially with all of the tributes training together. Keiru was also right about Aria being a target just as much as Ashley and Jeremy. Was bringing Aria and Kenny to the Capitol the smartest thing? At the time it seemed like an amazing idea since Ashley and Jeremy could spend more time with them before the Games began, but what if something horrible were to happen? Ashley then looked back up to Keiru, the brunette having been looking at the ground, seeing the other tribute looking at Peeta now.

"It would benefit you if you kept a better eye on her. You wouldn't want her near us tributes if you don't want her to get hurt." Peeta and Katniss wanted to tell Keiru off, but knew he was actually right about the situation. "As I've already said, she's a target to try and cause them two to falter. I know of a few tributes who would use her as a message to the two of them, maybe even an attempt to shatter their will to fight and survive until the right time."

Keiru paused for a moment, turning his attention to the Peacekeeper who was still there.

"Your training is coming to an end early today. You've caused too many disruptions today. You're going to solitary confinement, at least until lunch. Any more disruptions by you, and it'll be worse." The Peacekeeper said.

The group saw Keiru grin when the Peacekeeper had finished speaking, shrugging his shoulders, though he stole another glance with Peeta.

"Nothing keeps a Kozaka in for long, what with all that money. Pays for a lot of things." Peeta showed no interest towards Keiru's words on the outside as he watched the Peacekeeper take the male tribute away, but on the inside Peeta's heart skipped a beat when he realized who Keiru was; he was the son of the man who was funding the entire Rebellion, and Keiru knew about it. Peeta looked to Amelia when she gave Brandon a glare after what the other tribute said, Peeta wondering if Amelia knew of the Rebellion as well since she was Keiru's sister.

"Today has been quite the eventful day." Peeta commented as he looked back to his family, relieved that Aria and Kenny were safely back up on their floor.

"Are you going to be okay training for the rest of the day?" Katniss asked as she looked to Ashley and Jeremy, though she gave Caroline a smile as well.

"I'll be okay." Ashley gave out a sigh as she nodded her head, her eyes falling on Ichiru once again when seeing he was still at the knife throwing station with his twin brother Kiseki. "I just need some fresh air to clear my head for a few minutes." Ashley turned back towards her parents. They nodded, watching Ashley walk away and exit the training center, most of the tributes going back to what they were doing. Katniss and Peeta returned to their seats next to Stefan in the stands, some sponsors rushing in to talk to them. Matt saw this and gritted his teeth in rage, though he didn't do anything as he planned different ways to kill Ashley and Jeremy.

"What station do you want to do?" Caroline asked Jeremy as they walked away from the knife throwing station, the two walking towards the track.

"Wanna work on some running?" Jeremy asked as Caroline nodded, the two starting off at a good jogging pace side by side. Jeremy looked over to Kiseki however for a few moments, then back to Caroline. "Not that I hate training with you or anything, but why aren't you training with Kiseki?" Caroline looked over to Kiseki, then to Ichiru for a few moments before looking straight ahead on the running track.

"I just think that Kiseki should spend some time with his brother." Caroline said, leaving it at that.

Once Ashley traveled up in the elevator and made her way on the roof she walked over to the edge and gave out a sigh, looking down to the large city filled with people and cars. So much was racing through her mind right now, though a main question bothered her. How was she supposed to train for the Games when now she had to worry about Aria's and Kenny's safety as well? The only thing on her mind was keeping them safe, the brunette not focusing on the Games, which was what some of the other tributes probably wanted...
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