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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“I hope we don’t lose them in a mountain of wrapping paper.” Ichiru joked after sitting down on the couch next to Ashley and wrapped an arm around her.

“You have to admit that would be hilarious, though.” Aiden responded, bringing everyone to laugh.

"Here auntie Kotomi. This one is yours." Scarlet said as she walked over to Kotomi and handed her a wrapped box with her name on the tag which looked like it had some type of clothing in it.

"Thanks." Kotomi said with a smile, watching as Scarlet walked away and back over to the presents. Kotomi opened her own and pulled out a very thin piece of clothing, bringing her jaw to drop. In her hand revealed a black tank top that which would go up passed her bellybutton and was see-through, except for the chest area. There were matching shorts which didn't even look like shorts at all since they were so short, bringing Kotomi's cheeks to instantly burn.

"Don't you like it? Caroline and I shopped at Victoria's Secret." Lexi chuckled. "We thought that when you and Aiden are alone then you can wear that to spice things up."

"Lexi!" Kotomi wined.

"All the girls got one!" Caroline said cheerfully. "You got black, Lexi got red, Diana got blue, I got purple, Ashley got pink, Bonnie got orange, Meredith got white and Isobel got green!"

"I don't think I need one." Isobel laughed. Kotomi sighed, putting the clothing back in the box and put it to the side.

"Oh god." Kol chuckled as he just shook his head. Ashley turned her attention back to her children as she got a text message from Bonnie, wondering if everyone was awake yet.

"Holy crap, they're up early." Ashley commented.

"April probably woke them up." Stefan said.

"Well they're on their way with the surprise." Ashley said as she looked up at him, bringing Stefan to nod and smile, looking over to Abigail and Scarlet who were throwing wrapping paper at each other while laughing. A few moments later Bonnie walked through the door with April in her arms, following by Diana, Jeremy and Mason who was carrying a large box with air holes.

"What's in the box uncle Mason?" Abigail asked as he carefully placed it down.

"This is your new best friend." Mason responded, watching as Abigail and Scarlet opened the top of a box. A black and white Husky puppy with blue eyes suddenly jumped out of the box and was running around the toddlers in excitement, Abigail and Scarlet screaming with joy.

"We got a puppy?" Scarlet asked in shock.

"Yep." Mason laughed. "It's a girl so you two need to think of a good name for her."

"Raven?" Abigail asked as she looked to Scarlet, who nodded in approval.

"Can we take her outside and play with her?" Scarlet asked as both twins looked to Ashley and Ichiru.

"What about the rest of your presents?" Ashley asked with a laugh.

"We can open them after." Abigail responded, bringing Ashley to nod as her daughters jumped up and down with joy. Ashley gave Ichiru a kiss before standing up and retrieving the toddler's winter jackets, boots, hats and gloves. Since Ashley was a Vampire she didn't need to put on a jacket or anything, going outside with her children and the puppy as Diana, Lexi, Kol, Mason, Caroline, Stefan and Kotomi followed, Isobel staying inside with Jeremy, Bonnie and April since Bonnie didn't want to take the baby out in the cold anymore today.

Once outside Abigail and Scarlet played with Raven in the snow, the puppy loving every moment of attention as she dived through the snow and ran around. Abigail threw a snowball at Raven which she caught in her mouth, beginning to eat the snow.

"Looks like those three are going to tire themselves out on their own." Kol commented with a laugh. After a few more minutes of playing however Klaus suddenly appeared with a bag full of things in his hand, bringing Scarlet to run right into the Hybrid and fall to the ground with a hard thud. Ashley and the group watched in shock, bringing the brunette to quickly walk over to the two but stopped when Klaus shook his head at her, the Hybrid kneeling down in front of Scarlet.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Klaus said when seeing Scarlet looking up at him in fear. "Are you okay?"

"I... I think so." Scarlet responded, though Klaus smelled a bit of blood. He gently reached over and took Scarlet's right hand, which had a cut on it from when she fell.

"Your blood is very valuable to me, you know." Klaus said, putting his hand over Scarlet's and healed the wound. "I promise though, as long as I can use Diana's, then not one drop of your blood will be used. You have my word on that."

"To make your Hybrids, right?" Scarlet asked, the fear of Klaus washing away.

"Yes." Klaus nodded, standing to his feet and helped Scarlet up on her own as well, the Hybrid then looking over to Diana.

"Let me guess; more blood?" Diana asked, to which Klaus nodded in response.

"I don't want to pull you away from your family on Christmas, so perhaps we could do this inside?" Klaus asked.

"No." Diana shook her head. "You're not invited in."

"Well that's a pity. I don't really see how fair it is since Mason has been invited in." Klaus then turned to Mason. "I want to come in."

"You're invited in." Mason responded, being able to invite Vampires into homes since he was still half Werewolf.

"Mason!" Diana said in shock as everyone else looked shocked as well.

"Wait a minute... you didn't tell them, did you?" Klaus said in amusement, any humanity he showed for Scarlet disappearing as he smirked, looking back to Diana. "He's been Sired, sweetheart."

"Sired?" Diana repeated in confusion.

"Yes. It's where a Hybrid is loyal to the person who created them, so Mason is Sired to me now." Klaus responded.

"So you lied to us a few days ago?" Diana asked as she looked at Mason, the young Witch hurt from the situation.

"I didn't know how to tell you guys." Mason responded, looking down.

"You two can chat about this later." Klaus said, stepping away from Scarlet and walking into the house with everyone following. The group inside heard everything said from outside, bringing glares to be shot towards Klaus. Once the Hybrid got what he needed from Diana he simply left, bringing the young Witch to look at Mason.

"We need to talk." Mason nodded at Diana's words, the two walking outside.

"This isn't good." Caroline said as Ashley and Kotomi sat on the couch, Lexi sighing as Stefan wrapped his arms around her.

"What the hell Mason?" Diana asked as she paced back and forth in the snow.

"I'm sorry!" Mason said.

"I can't believe you lied to us about this! Did Klaus tell you to lie?" Diana asked as she stopped pacing to look at him.

"No, but..."

"Then why did you lie?"

"Look, maybe I should go..." Mason said.

"Well unless you have to, you know, check in with your Hybrid master." Diana said in anger.

"It's not like that, Diana."

"Tell me Mason... what is the difference between being Sired and being compelled?" Diana challenged.

"Compulsion; that's just mind control - like hypnosis. And being Sired is... it's like faith. You do something because you believe it's the right thing."

"So you believe that serving Klaus is the right thing?"

"I don't serve him. Klaus released me from a curse that was ruining my life whenever I didn't have the Moonstone. I owe him for that." Mason responded.

"What if he asked you to jump off a bridge?" Diana challenged again.

"He wouldn't! And even if he did I'd be fine. I'm a Hybrid."

"Okay, so what if he asked you to rip your own heart out?"

"Again, he wouldn't." Mason shook his head.

"What if he did?" Diana pushed further.

"I don't know! Then I'd rip out my heart! This is why I didn't want to tell you! You're getting all freaked out over something you don't understand."

"You're right Mason, I don't understand. Klaus has terrorized every single one of us and you're just blindly loyal to him."

"You're over-thinking it. I can still make my own decisions."

"I can make my own decisions too, Mason, which is why I'm deciding that until you somehow break the Sire bond, then we're done." Diana said, Mason looking at her in shock. "As long as you're under his Sire bond then you're always going to put Klaus before us, before the children and me. Klaus can easily tell you to spy on us and you would do it, so until you can break the Sire bond, we're done." Diana then walked back in the house and closed the door, Mason standing in the snow as he looked down. He shook his head in anger, using his new Vampire speed to leave the area as Diana sat on the couch, knowing she was getting concerned looks from everyone.
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