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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Okay, I got to it. We have been working on ways to get things rolling over here. The first way is still to set up a Pokemon Of the Week or month..A little different then we use to set them up. We are now planning on have people submit, youtube videos, Links to there battle vids and or po/showdown battles. The goal is to have a thread where people discuss the pokemon and at the end of a two or three week period we gather the best info, and create the article, that has great movesets, how to use them in battle. Pokemon that work well with the hightlighted pokemon or the set.

Along with that, there will be a submission thread where people can post battle logs or videos and get free pokemon.
Pokemon of the month would be WAY too long of a wait. Stick to Pokemon of the Week. To be more original, don't copy the way Serebii does it. Come up with your own unique way; whether that be as you mentioned above or something like giving that pokemon away via WiFi for members participating in the discussion (certainly something I could maybe help with since I have the ability to legally clone in 4th gen and have gotten better at RNGing).

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