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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
At The Capitol/ Training Center

Caroline and Jeremy pushed open the door to the infirmary and walked inside, a young nurse with curly pink hair standing up from her desk and walked over to the two tributes. It was a bit strange to the nurse that a tribute from a different District would accompany another tribute who wasn't in the same District to the infirmary, but then the nurse figured the two were somehow friends before the Games started.

"What happened?" The nurse asked in concern when seeing Jeremy's palm, a pool of blood in the middle of it.

"We were working on tying knots and building snares when I accidentally hit Jeremy's arm while he was cutting some wire. The knife slipped and cut him." Caroline responded.

"The two of you can go sit on the cot while I go get the supplies to clean the cut." The nurse said. Jeremy and Caroline nodded, the two sitting next to each other on a plain cot while the nurse disappeared into a back room.

"I'm sorry Jeremy..."

"It's fine." Jeremy wrapped his good arm around Caroline and gave her a reassuring hug, bringing the curly haired blonde to smile as the nurse returned with some supplies a few moments later. After cleaning the blood, pouring some rubbing alcohol in the cut and applying a clear ointment, the nurse wrapped a bandage around Jeremy's hand and smiled.

"If you keep that bandage on between now and later tonight then the wound will be completely gone from the ointment."

"Can I still train today?" Jeremy asked the nurse.

"Yes, but just take it easy, and don't go in the pool." Jeremy nodded at the nurse's words, the two teens thanking her before leaving to walk back to the training center.

As Ashley, Kenny and Aria were walking towards Peeta and Katniss a weird feeling fell over Ashley, bringing her to look at some of the other tributes who were staring at her. The sound of Aria's terrifying scream brought Ashley to quickly look down at her, then to the arrow that was embedded in the wall next to them, a few strands of Aria's ginger colored hair hanging from the pointed tip of the arrow. Ashley then quickly spun her body around, seeing two people at the archery station. The brunette looked from the two faces, Ashley knowing the girl didn't do it simply by the way she was looking at the male tribute.

"That was a huge mistake!" Ashley yelled in anger as she took a knife from the knife throwing station and began to quickly walk towards Keiru with it. Katniss and Peeta hurried and grabbed Ashley just before she reached Keiru, though the brunette was putting up a good fight. Peeta saw the knife and grabbed Ashley's arm so she couldn't throw it, bringing her to throw the knife in the air by using only her wrist and caught the blade's tip of the knife with only her two fingers, planning on using her wrist once again to throw the knife at Keiru but a Peacekeeper quickly approached and grabbed the weapon.

"You have some explaining to do young man." The Peacekeeper said to Keiru before focusing his attention back to Ashley.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Ashley growled as nothing but pure rage could be seen in her eyes. Jeremy and Caroline entered the training center then, the two being alarmed instantly as they ran to the scene.

"What the hell is going on? Why is Aria and Kenny in here?" Jeremy asked in shock.

"He shot an arrow at Aria." Kenny responded from a few feet away, his face going pale at the very thought. Jeremy looked from Kenny, to Aria, to Ashley and then finally to Keiru, anger of his own flaring up in Jeremy as he lunged forward to try and punch Keiru directly in the face, but the same Peacekeeper tackled Jeremy to the ground before he made contact.

"You just wait until we get in that arena." Ashley hissed, the brunette finally putting her struggling to an end as she looked at Keiru. "You're the first one my brother and I will go after." Ashley then made her way over to Aria after her parents let her go and knelt down in front of the toddler, Ashley trying to steady her own breathing as she wiped away the tears on Aria's face.

"Is she okay?" Jeremy asked after the Peacekeeper allowed him to get up.

"I think so." Ashley responded with a nod, checking her daughter's head for a wound but found none. "Take Aria back to the room." Ashley said as she looked at Kenny, who nodded and took Aria's hand. The two began to walk out of the training center silently as Ashley stood up straight, looking at the other tributes to make sure they wouldn't try anything. Once Aria and Kenny were out of the training center Ashley's eyes met Matt's, who looked at her with a complete smirk.

"Okay everyone, go back to what you were doing." The Peacekeeper said, then looking over to Keiru. "Now, explain to me why the hell you would shoot an arrow at an defenseless little girl." Ashley, Jeremy, their parents and Caroline then looked over to Keiru, the group waiting for his story, though it was clear that Ashley was still raged from the whole situation. Her eyes fell on Ichiru for a few moments before looking back to Keiru, the brunette doing her best to calm herself down.
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