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Default Meloetta Invasion: Riddle Contest

^This piece of awesomeness made by Charmander009

So you think you're a smart muffin? Heard you were looking for a Meloetta. Well, turns out PE2K's got them, however, what we got here is a riddles contest. What you gotta do? Simple, I'll post a riddle every so often, between September 19 until October 3rd, and you gotta guess the right answer. Every time a new riddle is posted, I'll post the answer to the last one. Before that time, everyone who gets the answer right will get to feel super magically awesome about guessing one of my riddles correctly.

Oh, and these aren't run of the mill riddles. These are Sabi grade Pokémon Riddles.

You may change your answer only once BEFORE the answer for the riddle is posted. Those who change their answer after I've edited, you're not cool. Trust me, I know how to check~ Also copying an answer afterwards will dock you a point.

Oh right points:
If you guess the riddle correctly, you get 2 points.
If you guessed wrong, you get one point.
If you were the FIRST person to get the correct answer, you get 3 points.
If you changed a wrong answer to a correct answer AFTER someone else has posted the same answer, you also only get one point.
If you changed your answer after the answer for a riddle has been posted, you get no points.

Those with the most points get a cool trophy sprite that they can use in their signature to show they were awesomely smart in the Riddles Contest!

All those who participate are eligible for a free Meloetta! Just link your post from my thread, and post it in the Meloetta Invasion Claim* thread. Fill out the form, post it with your link to a post in here, and you're on your way!

Current Riddle:

Meloetta was forming a singing party to celebrate this event
Before her stood five Pokémon, but she would only choose two of them
After looking at the group of Pokémon, she made her choice, though some questioned her
She then answered with; “I chose these Pokémon, because they do not make the sound of silence.”
Which two Pokémon did she pick from the below group?


Previous Riddles:

I empower or shudder, perplex and blaze
Mimic beasts or create floral haze
Drops and down, or a nightly phase
Only one kind of these I can do per try
Have you figured it out: What am I?

Answer: A Dance

What the dance can do references various Pokémon moves with dance in their name:
Empower: Swords Dance
Shudder: Quiver Dance
Perplex: Teeter Dance
Blaze: Fiery Dance
Drops: Rain Dance
Down: Featherdance
Nightly phase: Lunar Dance

Only one kind of these I can do per try: References that each of these are unique and cannot all be done by one single thing, except a dance.

The first thing in this Smeargle’s mind was to create something new.
She ventured to have a conversation between Ho-oh for inspiration.
There the first character, a Noctowl, interrupted them in the middle of their chat.
However both ends of his Girafarig friend brought the end to the search.

What was the creation?

Answer: Song


This was a word letter riddle, where the answer was in the riddle and wasn’t obvious.
First thing in this Smeargle: First thing in Smeargle = S

A conversation between Ho-oh/interrupted them in the middle of their chat: Ho-oh has o’s in the middle of its name, not counting the hyphen = O

There the first character, a Noctowl: First character of Noctowl is = N

Both ends of his Girafarig friend: Both ends of Girafarig = G

VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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