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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The setting then changes back to the Viridian Chapel, where we see multiple candles burning in the background as Ash and Misty come onto the scene, now back in their wedding clothes.

At first, all Ash and Misty did was stare at each other lovingly. But then they leaned in closer to one another and shared a passionate kiss, while everyone in the audience cheered for them as loud they could.

There were fireworks in the background, but they were soon revealed to be nothing more than Persian using his Psychic-Type powers to create the illusion of fireworks. Not that Ash or Misty minded

Delia and Mayor Carlos were then shown hugging each other as they both say…

Mayor Carlos: Yes

Delia: Finally

Pikachu and Corsola then share hug as well, as do Elsa and Misty’s sisters. Finally, we are shown Delia and Carlos hugging their children, before they switch so that Delia could hug Misty and Carlos could hug Ash.

All of this was so touching and emotional that Persian started to cry again. He even tried to use Bayleaf’s head leaf as a tissue again. But before he could, Bayleaf used its Vine Whip to give him a real tissue, much to his mild embarrassment.

The next scene showed Misty’s Politoed and Psyduck carrying the train of her dress as she and Ash walked down the aisle together. There were quite a few old faces from the Anime series watching them, but Ash’s attention was secretly elsewhere. Misty looked at him curiously for second, but everything became clear as crystal when she looked in the same direction as him.

Turns out, Cassim was on the outside looking in. He was back in his original clothing, but he wasn’t wearing his mask this time around, which made it all the easier for Ash and Misty to see his proud and loving smile as he nodded approvingly at his son.

Cassim was ready to turn around and leave after that, but then he noticed Meowth standing next to him as he said…

Meowth: Out in the open, no mask? Pretty risky if ya ask me

Cassim: Even a wanted man can risk a bit to see his own son's wedding. (He gets down on one knee in front of Meowth) So, you little furball, come to say goodbye?

Meowth: Nah, I already said my goodbyes. Of course, then, Pikachu had to cry and that got me goin… (Wipes a tear from his eye)

Cassim: You mean you’re not gonna live in Viridian anymore?

Meowth: With the newly weds? It’ll be all lovey-dovey; I’d just as soon keep my will to live.

It was this conversation that Cassim leapt from his (apparently high up) position and landed on the back of his Rapidash. Meowth followed him and landed softly on Cassim’s back

Cassim: Well, I don’t know where I’m going, but you are welcome to come along for the ride

Meowth: You’re a good guy, Cassim. But not too good (laughs)

And with that, Cassim and Meowth both ride off on Rapidash and leave Viridian City behind them.
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