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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

Ash then picked up the Hand of Midas by its handle and used the torn-off sleeve of his jacket to wrap around the Golden hand (which, of course turned to gold right after he did it).

Cassim: Hurry, son, we’re running out of time!

Ash then put the now wrapped up Hand of Midas in his jacket pocket and then leapt into the golden water to swim back over to Cassim, who then helped him out.

The duo then made a quick run for it and eventually made it to a statue of the Oracle, which they had to then scale up. Ash looked like he was having no problems, but Cassim looked like he was having a lot of trouble.

*Most likely due to the weight of his Golden Cloak*

Ash then looked back down towards his father and said…

Ash: Come on, Dad, you can do it!

Cassim: (Straining) yes, (reaches for his cloak) but it would be a lot easier without this.

And with that said, Cassim removed his cloak and allowed it to fall down into the water while he and Ash continued their climb

Eventually, Ash and Cassim reach the top of the cavern and Cassim takes a deep breath of fresh air right then and there.

Ash, on the other hand, just pulled smiled as he pulled out the Hand of Midas and said…

Ash: (Unwrapping the Hand of Midas) after all these years, you finally have your treasure (hands it to Cassim)

Cassim: (Taking the Hand of Midas) this thing? No, this wretched thing almost cost me the Ultimate Treasure. (Shares a hug with Ash) it’s you, son, you are my Ultimate Treasure. I’m just sorry it took me so long to realize it. (Holds up the Hand of Midas) the Hand of Midas can take its curse to the bottom of the sea!

And with that, Cassim tossed the Hand of Midas into the air, but instead of landing in the water, it landed on the deck of the boat belonging to the remaining seven thieves.

*After their defeat, they were apparently trying to make a run for it*

Once there, it immediately turned every inch of the boat into solid gold, much to the Thieves delight.

Fat Thief: (Holding a now golden rope) it’s gold, it turned everything to solid gold

However, this recent development turned out to be a bad thing, as the boat then started to take on water

Ponytailed Thief: We’re sinking!

There was much screaming at this point, but eventually, the entire boat was underwater and the crew was floating at the surface.

Meanwhile, Ash and Cassim both heard the sound of Lapras bellowing again and looked back down into the now flooded cavern in time to see the water spiraling into a whirlpool.

The scene then cuts to Misty, Pikachu, Charizard and Meowth, who are all sitting on a pillar as the island sank deeper into the water.

Pidgeot then flies up to them with Elsa, Raichu and Corsola on its back and Elsa says…

Elsa: We’re out of waiting time, you guys! We have to get out of here, now

Meowth: (Quickly jumps onto Pidgeot) I’m with Elsa, I didn’t see where they went and they could be anywhere!

It was then that Misty saw something from afar and pointed to it, saying…

Misty: There they are!

Everyone looked in the direction Misty was pointing and saw that Ash and Cassim were higher up than they were. They both leapt from their position and as they fell, Cassim called out to Charizard…

Cassim: Get up here, you blasted Fire-Type!

Charizard immediately complied and flew up as fast he could; catching the two of them just in time.

Ash: (Smugly) you actually trust this thing?

Cassim: (With a smile) with my life, son

Ash then picked up Misty and Pikachu just in time, and with them safely onboard, Charizard and Pidgeot put much distance between them and the sinking island. But while everyone seemed to be onboard either Charizard or Pidgeot, Ash was quick to notice that Persian was missing.

Ash: Persian?!

At first, all that could be heard was Lapras’ bellowing, but then, suddenly, the large Pokemon brought its head back up to the surface and opened its mouth wide open for one last breath. When that happened, Persian drove a steamboat out of the giant’s mouth and an impression of Mickey Mouse from “Steamboat Willie” while he did so, complete with the trademark whistling. Lapras quickly submerged back into the water afterwards

Ash: Persian!

Persian then returned to his normal form and quickly levitated his way up to Charizard and Pidgeot’s height.

Persian: (Saluting) present!

Ash: Let’s go home; (to Misty) we have some unfinished business (Misty smiles)

And with that, the large group then makes their way back to Viridian city.
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