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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The Setting then changes back to Viridian city, or more specifically, Viridian City Hall. There, Mayor Carlos could be seen standing next to Grumpy Officer Jenny and was looking particularly upset.

Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Elsa, her Raichu, Delia and Mr. Mime were all there as well, which means this was likely about Ash’s earlier actions.

Mayor Carlos: (To Ash) frankly, my boy, your actions were most disappointing

Grumpy Officer Jenny looked smug at this point, but this smugness soon subsided when the grumpy, blue-haired woman says…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: It is tragic, Mister Mayor, but our young Pokemon trainer here has obviously followed in his father’s footsteps. Ash Ketchum is a criminal

In response to the last part of that sentence, Ash lowered his head in shame, and Misty glared at Grumpy Officer Jenny for making that happen.

Suddenly, Persian appeared on the scene and was now dressed like a lawyer, complete with a briefcase.

Persian: I object, your honor!

Persian then used his powers to give the room a Courthouse atmosphere, making Grumpy Officer Jenny the Bailiff and Mayor Carlos the Judge.

Persian: (Directly to Mayor Carlos) I object to that outrageous statement. (Regarding Grumpy Officer Jenny) and I object to a tertiary character having any lines during my big Courtroom scene.

Grumpy Officer Jenny didn’t take kindly to being called a tertiary character, but before she could actually do anything about it, Persian hands her a briefcase and says…

Persian: Here, take this to a higher court, (makes her, quite literally, take off like a rocket) ciao.

Persian then appeared at Ash’s side and said

Persian: (To Mayor Carlos) your honor, if I may enter a plea of insanity (grabs Ash and gives him a noogie) because I’m crazy about this kid! (Chuckles)

But to Persian’s surprise, Ash pushes him away and says…

Ash: Persian, I can handle this myself

The Courthouse atmosphere then started to fade and when it did, Ash approached Mayor Carlos

Ash: Mayor Carlos, I convinced my dad to come here, it was my fault, I… (Sigh) maybe it would’ve better if I never knew

Misty expressed a look of sympathy as she approached Ash and said…

Misty: Ash, you found your father; a father who risked his freedom to see your wedding, and you risked everything to help him. Just like I would for my father

Mayor Carlos: (Softly and to himself) your father? Well…oh, yes, uh well… (Clears his throat and looks towards Ash) Ash, I could not overlook your father’s crimes.

Persian, Pikachu, Raichu, Delia, Elsa and Mr. Mime were all looking particularly nervous at this point. Persian even grabbed Mr. Mime tightly with one paw and started chewing his nails on the other.

Mayor Carlos: But what you have done…well, you did it out of love. (Ash and Misty smile after hearing that, and Misty even rests her head on Ash’s shoulder) and you did return to take responsibility for your actions…let us put this matter behind us…

Elsa, Delia and all the rest let out a sigh of relief after that. Of course, when Persian lets Mr. Mime go, he is sheepish by the fact that he squeezed Mr. Mime too much.

*Not enough to hurt him, but still*

Mayor Carlos: I believe we have postponed the wedding long enough

Persian: Good call, okay, lets give a big hand to our wise and generous Mayor

During this statement, Persian creates a large, white glove and has it escort Mayor Carlos to another room.

Ash and Misty were both pleased with how this mess worked out, but their moment of relief was soon interrupted by the screams of Meowth.

He flew his Pelipper threw the City Hall window, fell off of it and landed into Misty’s arms as his Pelipper flew away.

All the while, Meowth was panting while trying to speak

Meowth: Ash’s dad…Sa’Luk

Misty: Slow down, Meowth, now what about Ash’s father

Meowth: (More clearly) it’s Sa’Luk; the guy Ash beat, he’s not beat, he’s back. And he’s got Cassim

This bit of info caught everyone by surprise, but Ash’s surprise quickly turned into disdain

Ash: That’s his problem; he chose to go back to that life

Persian: (Taking Meowth into his arms) Ash, I know your dad made a lot of bad choices, but that doesn’t mean you have to

Misty: (Walking up to Ash and putting her hands on his shoulders) he is your father, how can you do anything else?

Ash then walks away and looks out the City Hall window

Ash: I’m being as stubborn as he was (everyone looks at him with concern). (Turns towards the others with a smile) show me the way!

This made everyone very happy and even made Meowth sigh in relief
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