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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The Setting then changes back to the Wedding Altar, where Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Delia, Elsa, Raichu, Persian and Mayor Carlos are all present.

Misty and Ash and holding each other closely at this point and Misty looked at Ash to say…

Misty: Do you think something is wrong?

Ash looked particularly worried as well, so he looked towards Persian and asked…

Ash: Persian, can you find him

Persian: I’ll sniff him out

That’s when Persian transforms into a Houndour and starts sniffing all over the floor.

Persian: I’ll need a scrap of his clothes or a lock of his hair... (Persian smells a shoe that is in his path) Or shoe, a shoe's good...

It was then that Persian looked upwards and saw that the shoe he was sniffing belonged to Cassim. But when he saw this, he turned back to normal and gasped.

Grumpy Officer Jenny was holding Cassim by the shirt, as he stood there in handcuffs with a dejected look on his face.

Ash and Misty: Huh?

Pikachu: (Concerned) Pikachu

Mayor Carlos: Officer Jenny, what is the meaning of this

Grumpy Officer Jenny: (Smiling) Mister Mayor, meet the King of Thieves (pushes Cassim forward)

Ash: Dad

Ash tried to run up to his Father, but was stopped by Grumpy Officer Jenny’s police men

Grumpy Officer Jenny: We seized him in the Gift vault, (holds up the Oracle Scepter) he was after this, again.

Ash: (sadly) No…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: And this is his accomplice

A Police Officer then brings out Meowth, who is tied up

Meowth: Big misunderstanding! It's a slap on the wrist and, uh, community service kind of thing!

Ash: Now I know why you really came back

Cassim lowered his head after that.

Mayor Carlos: Your father…is the leader of the Forty Thieves? This is most… (Babbles a little)!

Misty: (Approaches Ash and puts her hand on his shoulder) Ash, did you know?

Ash: I thought I could change him, I had to try!

Cassim: You can change my clothes, Ash, you can't change who I am.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: (Grabs Cassim by the shirt again) and the law is crystal clear on what we must now do!

Misty: (Approaches Mayor Carlos and puts her hand on his shoulders) Father, isn't there another way?

Mayor Carlos: I'm afraid there is not. Take the prisoners to lock-up

Meowth: (Shocked) Lock-up!

Mayor Carlos: For life

Meowth: Life?

It was then that Meowth was gagged by the very Police men holding him, and he and Cassim were taken away. Ash and Persian watched this and Persian turned towards Ash and said.

Persian: There are some wishes that even I can’t make come true

The Setting then changes to the Cliff outside of Viridian (the same one from before), where Ash, Pikachu, Elsa, Raichu and Persian are all sitting and moping.

Ash: The Oracle was right. My dad was trapped in the world of the Forty Thieves: trapped by his own greed. I was so stupid to think I could change him.

Elsa: Trying to show dad a better life wasn’t stupid, Ash

Persian: Not at all, (Gets behind Ash and uses his paw as a puppet) leaving him alone with Meowth, that was stupid (Elsa glares at him)

Elsa: (Angrily) not helping

Persian dropped the puppet act and smiled sheepishly after that. Ash wasn’t really paying attention

Ash: Everything was perfect before he came into my life. I just want things back to the way they were. (Turns around) Persian, I need my father’s clothes

Persian: Ash, what, did you tie your necktie too tight? Come on, why would you want to wear the 'King of Thieves' ensemble? (Makes Cassim’s original outfit appear)

Ash grabs the outfit, but Persian was not yet finished

Persian: Might I suggest something that doesn’t actually say (Wearing a prison uniform) "Arrest me!"?

Elsa: Ash, what exactly are doing?

Ash: (Pays Elsa’s comment no mind as he finishes putting the outfit on) It fits; good

Ash then partially turns his head to face his group and when he does, Persian takes on the form of the Oracle and says…

Persian: (As the Oracle) I'm seeing, I'm seeing... (Changes back to normal) nothing for your future if you dress like this!

Ash: (Turns around completely) I'm breaking my father out of jail tonight. The guards will never know I was there (puts the mask on). Tonight, the King of Thieves will makes his most miraculous escape ever... out of my life (walks off).

Elsa and the Pokemon are all concerned about this, but something inside them told them trust Ash, so they made no attempts to stop him.

As for Persian, he just looked curiously at Ash and said…

Persian: It’s the cape talking isn’t it?

The setting then changes to the inside of a cell at the Viridian City jail, where we see Cassim looking sad as he sat down on the floor with his hands shackled. Meowth was there as well and he was completely bound and gagged.

The next scene to follow showed two Officer Jennys walking down a hallway in the very same building.

Officer Jenny 1: Since she’s captured the King of Thieves, there’s no living with our dear, Pokemon-hating cousin.

However, while the two walked, they failed to realize that Ash was lurking behind them and was getting closer to them by the moment.

Officer Jenny 2: Well, it wasn’t exactly easy living with her before

Once Ash was close enough, he reached for the keychain that hung from Officer Jenny 1’s belt and pulled it right off. Officer Jenny 1 felt something was wrong, but when she turned around to see what, she saw nothing. She shrugged it off and then kept walking down the hall. Ash took this as his opportunity to come out of hiding and head down the opposite direction.

In Cassim’s jail cell, he was still sitting and moping, but then he heard the door open and saw someone in the shadows enter his cell. He didn’t get a good look at the figure, but he did recognize his own clothes. This makes him sit up and say…

Cassim: Who?

That’s when Ash steps into the light and reveals himself without his mask

Ash: I’ve come to say goodbye

Cassim: Why are you...?

But before Cassim could finish that sentence, Ash comes up to him and starts unlocking his chains

Ash: We don't have much time. While the Police chase me, you get out. (Ash takes the cuffs off Cassim's wrists)

Cassim: (Gets up) I can’t let you…

Ash: (Runs off) Forget it! (Puts his mask pack on) they can’t catch me

Ash then throws Cassim the keys and takes off. Once he’s gone, Cassim looks at the keys with a smile and says…

Cassim: He even sounds like me

The scene then cuts to Guards lounge, where the two Officer Jennys from before are sitting at a table while their Grumpy relative is doing her hair in the mirror

Grumpy Officer Jenny: When the Mayor gives me my due, (Turns towards her relatives) I’ll put the good word in for you. The “Little People” who…

It was then that Grumpy Officer Jenny noticed the reflection of “The King of Thieves” in her mirror. And when that happened, she scowled and said…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: It can’t be

The angry blue-haired woman then put her hat back on and led her relatives into the hallway. Of course, once they were there, they saw no sign of their target.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: He was here, I know it

What the Jennys didn’t know, however, was that Ash was pressed against the ceiling at this moment and was waiting for his moment to drop. When that moment finally came, he landed on the head of Grumpy Officer Jenny first and then bounced off of the heads of her two relatives. That’s when he landed a few inches in front of the three women and had two of them shocked.

Officer Jenny 1: The King of Thieves!

Officer Jenny 2: No one could escape that cell

Grumpy Officer Jenny was busy trying to get her hat off at this moment.

*When Ash landed on her, it got a little stuck on her*

Eventually, she did get it off, but when that happened, she lost her balance and fell over.

Officer Jenny 1: He isn’t a man, I tell you; he’s a demon

Ash then makes a theatrical turnaround and runs away. That’s when Grumpy Officer Jenny gets back up and says…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: I want him: dead or alive

The next scene shows us the streets of Viridian City, where our three Officer Jennys are running frantically with their Arcanine. Grumpy Officer Jenny was in the lead and when her group stopped, she gave the order…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: Surround the block! He’s close… I can feel it

Unbeknownst to the Jennys though, Ash was hiding close by in the shadows, and as more Police started to arrive, he started to climb up a fire escape and headed towards the roof of a high building.

Officer Jennys 1 and 2 were searching an alley when Officer Jenny 1 spotted Ash reaching the top of his fire escape.

Officer Jenny 1: (To Officer Jenny 2) there, the King of Thieves; on the roof!

Grumpy Officer Jenny: (From o.c.) Get up there! Now, now, now!

Ash heard this from up on top the building and headed towards the edge of the building as a result. This turned out to be a bad move, because now, Ash was cornered as the Police made it to the top…

Officer Jenny 1: Found him!

Fortunately, Ash still had a way to evade them; he jumped over the edge…

Officer Jenny 2: Lost him

Ash then grabs hold of a clothes hanger and swings his way to another Fire escape on another building. He climbed up it, made it to the top of that roof and was then prepared to leap his way to another. Problem is, when he did so, before he could land on the roof, someone grabbed him by the ankle and caused him to fall flat on his face. He wasn’t badly hurt, but as soon as he turned around, he saw that it was Grumpy Officer Jenny holding a Nightstick.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: The King of Thieves, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment, your Majesty

The blue-haired Police Officer was ready to pummel Ash, but just as she swung her nightstick at him, he just barely dodged and instead, got his mask snagged onto the nightstick. When Grumpy Officer Jenny pulls it back and sees the mask, she looks towards the owner was surprised to see it was Ash, the very person her boss’ daughter was marrying.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: You!

Realizing his cover was blown; Ash simply looked at Grumpy Officer Jenny and said…

Ash: Yes

That’s when the Blue-haired Policewoman grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up closer.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: Well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for the “Prince of Thieves”! We shall see if the Mayor wants you in his family now

Then, all of a sudden, Grumpy Officer Jenny is blindsided by Cassim and knocked into a wall, where she soon falls unconscious.

Cassim was now wearing a cloak over his new clothes and he said…

Cassim: Keep your hands off my son!

Ash: (Surprised) Dad?

Cassim: Hurry, son, we must move!

Ash and Cassim both run off after that and the next scene to follow showed them riding on the backs of Rapidash as the Police Arcanine chase after them. Fortunately, they prove unable to keep up. The duo soon reached the outskirts of Viridian and when they do, they stop to look back and make sure they weren’t followed. Upon closer inspection, it is easy to see that Meowth was with them, clinging tightly on the reins of Cassim’s Rapidash.

Ash: Did we lose ‘em?

Meowth: I don’t know, but I did lose my lunch back there

Cassim: (Meowth climbs up to Rapidash’s back) they won’t be able to pick up our trail until daylight. By then, we’ll be long gone from Viridian

Cassim kept riding off after that, but Ash remained where he was and continued to look back at Viridian City. A look of concern was on his face the entire time.

Cassim: (To Ash from a distance) I’m sorry for what you’ve lost, but you can’t go back now, you know that. (Stops his Rapidash and turns it around to face Ash) What are you doing?

Ash: (Getting off of his Rapidash) I’m not going with you… I can’t

Cassim: Well you can’t go back! The moment they saw your face, your life in Viridian was over

Ash: I have to go back, Misty is there

Meowth: Kid, it’s over, you’re a criminal now

Ash: I won’t do what he did… I won’t run away

Cassim: (Now off of his steed and approaching Ash on foot) I’ve never run away from anything in my life

Ash: (Walks up to Cassim) you ran away from your family!

Cassim: I told you what happened, what else could I do, what else can you do?

Ash: (Pulls out his dagger) the right thing. You should take this back (throws Cassim the dagger)

Cassim: (Dagger lands at Cassim’s feet) you can’t!

Ash: I won’t walk out on Misty! (Heads back to his Rapidash)

Cassim looked down at the dagger for a moment, but then looked back at Ash as he got back onto his fiery-manned stallion

Cassim: Ash…

Ash: I’m your son, but I can’t live your life

Meowth: (Runs up to Ash and climbs up onto his Rapidash) Ash, they’ll lock ya up

Ash: If there’s a punishment, I’ll take it

Cassim: (Now back on his Rapidash) so be it

Meowth: We have the Oracle; (rubs his paws together) the treasure’s just waitin’ for us!

Ash: (Looks back towards Cassim) the Oracle?

Cassim: (Lowered his head for a moment) I had nothing left to lose...

Ash: (Mildly disappointed) yes…you did

Ash then road his Rapidash back towards Viridian city, but during this, Meowth was looking both shocked and disappointed.

Meowth: It was supposed to be a father/son outing.

It was then that Ash stopped his Rapidash, picked Meowth up and directed him towards Cassim

Ash: Go with him, Meowth

Meowth: What? Ya mean it, really?

Ash: Go…

Meowth: (Heads back to Cassim) Good luck, kid

After that, Ash just watched from a distance as Cassim and Meowth rode off into the night, right before heading back to Viridian City.
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