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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The setting then changes to Misty’s apartment, where she and her father are meeting with Ash, Cassim and the others.

At this time, Cassim was down on his knees in front of Misty and holding her hand

Cassim: My boy Ash must be born under a lucky star to find such a treasure.

Cassim then stood up as Misty smiled and said

Misty: You’re definitely Ash’s father

Ash and Persian were standing on the side during this, and while Ash just smiled, Persian leans in close to him and says…

Persian: I have the DNA to prove it

As he makes a DNA strand appear in his paws

But after that, Mayor Carlos approached Cassim and said…

Mayor Carlos: It must have been dreadful, trapped by the Forty Thieves

Of course, this made Ash and Persian a little bit nervous.

Persian: Uh oh

But Cassim countered this by putting his hand on Carlos’ shoulder and saying…

Cassim: I try to block out the memories…

Mayor Carlos: Say no more, not another word on the subject

Cassim: Yes, let's turn our attention to happier thoughts. The blessed union of our children! (Picks Carlos up and hugs him.)

Mayor Carlos: Indeed...

This made Ash, Persian and Misty all very happy, but then they are caught off guard by Elsa entering the room with Delia, who had her hands over her eyes

Delia: For goodness sake, Elsa, what is the big surprise?

Elsa: Alright, Mom, you can look now

Delia: (Uncovering her eyes) well, it’s about ti…

Before Delia could finish that sentence, she was shocked to lay eyes on her long-lost husband. She stuttered for a moment, but then she just fainted and landed flat on her back.

Cassim approached her and brought her back to her senses, and when he did, she just said…

Delia: Cassim, is it really you?

Cassim: Yes, honey, it’s me

Delia: I – I can’t believe it, I… I’m speechless

Cassim: (Chuckles lightly) I had feeling you would be, just like I know I have a lot of explaining to do…

Delia: Yes, you do, but… right now, I just want to…oh

Delia then wrapped her arms around Cassim and hugged him tightly. Cassim did the same and while he, Ash and Persian got to talking

Ash: It worked, Persian, they love him

Persian: It’s the hat; nothing does the trick like a smart chapeau

Ash: It’s more than that…

We get a close up to Ash’s head while Cassim is talking in the background

Cassim: (From o.c.) Ah, to be back among civilized people, back among family...

Ash: All he needed was a second chance

Cassim: (Still o.c.)… It's a miracle

The scene then changes the Viridian City Police Station, where a large number of the Forty Thieves are confined inside a Police Paddy Wagon. They were clearly angry at someone, as they were all shouting and growling

Thief 1: You’ll pay for this

Thief 2: You sold us out

A familiar arm then closes the window cover on the Paddy Wagon before the vehicle could take off. But not before one thief could say…

Thief 3: Ow! My nose

The person they were yelling at was none other than Sa’Luk, but even after seeing all the thieves in the Paddy Wagon, he still wasn’t happy

Sa’Luk: He wasn’t in there!

The brutish thief then went back inside the Police Station and said…

Sa’Luk: You didn’t capture the King of Thieves?

Grumpy Officer Jenny was facing Sa’Luk with two of her Police Officers when she replied…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: Because he was not at the hideout

Sa’Luk: He had to be there, (walks up to Grumpy Officer Jenny) where else would he be?

That’s when a third, younger Police Officer enters the room and says…

Younger Police Officer: Uh, apologies, Officer Jenny

Both Sa’Luk and Grumpy Officer Jenny answer with…

Sa’Luk and Grumpy Officer Jenny: What?

Younger Police Officer: The Mayor said he won’t be able to sentence your prisoners until tomorrow.

Grumpy Officer Jenny: What’s more important than sentencing my prisoners?

Younger Police Officer: Why the wedding! Ash Ketchum and Misty are finally getting married

It was then that Sa’Luk grabbed the Younger Police Officer by the shirt and pulled him up to his face

Sa’Luk: Ash Ketchum? You didn’t capture Ash Ketchum with the others? (Drops the Younger Police Officer)

Grumpy Officer Jenny: (Leaning against a wall) why would he be with the Forty Thieves?

Sa’Luk: Because his father is the King of Thieves!

Grumpy Officer Jenny and her Police Officers were mildly shocked by this info, but then they just smiled slightly wickedly at it.

The Setting then changes to the Viridian City chapel where Misty and her father are standing in the hallway. Misty was back in her Wedding gown and standing still while her father paced nervously all around her.

Mayor Carlos: Oh, where could he be? I do hope nothing's wrong. Perhaps we should dispatch a search party?

Misty: (Stops her Father’s pacing) Now father, I'm sure he's... on his way.

The Setting then changes again and shows us Ash, now back in his tuxedo, and Persian standing side-by-side at the altar. Clearly, they were expecting someone too

Ash: Where is he?

Persian: (Turns into Pumbaa from “The Lion King”) Hakuna Matata!

Ash gave Persian a confused look after that, until he turned back to normal and said

Persian: Whoa... I was having an out of movie experience. (Leans in close to Ash) my guess is he wants to make an entrance.

Ash still looked a little concerned, regardless of what Persian said.

The scene then cuts to a room containing all of the Wedding gifts from before

*After the attack on the Wedding, Mayor Carlos wanted to make sure that no one got at the gifts again*

Meowth was on the outside, clinging to the barred window with a lock-pick in one paw, and he could clearly see the Oracle scepter among all the locked up gifts

Meowth: (To Cassim) Here’s a Team Rocket class lock-pick, (gives it to Cassim) you know how to use ‘em?

Cassim looked unsure at first, but then he gripped the lock-pick and gave a look of determination.

The doors then swung open as Cassim entered the room with Meowth on his back, and he said…

Cassim: I promise you, Meowth (approaches the Oracle scepter) after this, I go straight (reaches for it)

But before Cassim could grab the scepter, Grumpy Officer Jenny came out from behind a statue and said

Grumpy Officer Jenny: Straight to prison

Cassim and Meowth were both shocked by this, but Cassim was not ready to surrender just yet. He reached for one of the Wedding gifts, a golden oriental Bo staff, and prepared for combat. However, Grumpy Officer Jenny was not intimidated, as she then smiled and said…

Grumpy Officer Jenny: We’ve been expecting you

Suddenly, several other Police Officers come out of their hiding places and all let loose their Arcanine to surround Cassim.

Realizing that there was no escape, Cassim lowered his head and dropped his weapon, thus allowing the Police to advance towards him.
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