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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The setting then changes to a location outside, further away from the Thieves’ lair. There, a Feraligatr can be seen swimming around in the lake, apparently, it just cornered its prey in the water and was getting ready to eat it. But suddenly, what it was stalking starts to fight back. It was Sa’Luk; he survived the fall and had just defeated Feraligatr as well. Afterwards, he tossed Feraligatr onto the shore and made it back onto land with a scowl on his face.

The next scene takes us back to Viridian City, where Misty was looking out the balcony window of her hotel in her night gown. Clearly, she was very worried about Ash, and her roommates; May and Dawn could see it as clear as day.

Dawn: (Clears throat) so, uh, Misty, May and I were planning on take Piplup and Glaceon to the new boutique downtown.

May: Yeah, they say the people there do wonders with Water and Ice type Pokemon. You wanna come?

Misty: (Sighs) not in the mood, you guys go on ahead

Dawn: Well, okay, see ya later

The two Coordinators leave after that, but while they made their way to the main door, the two of them got to talking.

May: Poor Misty, she must be worried sick about Ash

Dawn: Yeah, now I see why Iris decided to go out for the night, the best thing for Misty right now is probably to be alone.

Meanwhile, back in the hotel room, Misty continued to look sad as she leaned against her balcony and looked over Viridian city. So sad, in fact, she barely even noticed Persian, who was now in giant form coming up from behind the building.

Persian: Boy and I thought Squirtles were blue

Persian then appeared next to Misty at his original height and she was quick pay notice to him then.

Misty: You would know if Ash was in trouble, wouldn’t you? I thought he’d be back by now

This is when Persian places his paw on Misty face and lifts it so she could see him talk

Persian: (Reassuringly) Ash will be back

Misty smiled for a moment, but then it just turned back into a sad face looking out that balcony. Persian wanted to help, but he wasn’t sure how. But suddenly, he was struck by inspiration and alters his form once again

Persian: (As Mrs. Doubtfire) listen to Persian, Dear, Persian knows. You gotta get your mind off this incessant waiting.

Then, in a puff of smoke, Persian teleports himself and Misty to the recently rebuilt Viridian Chapel, where he returns to his normal form and says…

Persian: Here’s a surefire way to cheer up a bummed out Bride-to-be: a heaping helping of Matrimonial magic!

Persian then uses his powers to make an assortment of gifts appear out of nowhere. Balloons, Baby carriages, flower bouquets, even a sports car were just a few of them. Misty approached the Flower bouquet, but when she did, Persian popped up from it, now posing as Harpo Marx, and leapt into her arms before trying to kiss her. Of course that wasn’t really intention, because as he did so, a Talent Show cane came up and pulled him away. That’s when Persian came up to Misty again from another side, now posing as Chico Marx.

Persian: (As Chico Marx) hey, that’s no good. What the wedding needs is a theme.

During this dialogue, another Persian walks up close to Misty, posing as Groucho Marx, cigar and all, and says…

Persian: (As Groucho Marx) needs a Groom too, but lets work with what we have (wiggles his eyebrows)

Unfortunately though, Misty didn’t find this comment funny, as the next words to come out of her mouth were…

Misty: (Angrily) Persian!

The talking Normal-type saw that he might have gone too far, so he returned to his normal form and said…

Persian: (Sheepishly) it’s a joke, I do that

Persian then made a small statue appear out of nowhere on a pedestal and gave himself a green, French beret and a thin mustache

Persian: (French Accent) Okay, lets see (picks up the statue, looks at it and then throws it away), this will be the Second Wedding for both of you. (Regular voice) I'm thinking we need something a little more simple, a little more elegant and less gray.

That’s when Persian makes a Rhydon appear out of nowhere. But unlike the ones from the first wedding, this one was far more goofy looking and did little more than just stand where he poofed up.

Persian: (Chuckles) did it; done it, own it (makes the Rhydon disappear). I’m gonna throw some colors at ya: mauve, teal and salmon.

During this dialogue, Persian actually throws some paint slabs into Misty’s arms, but the last of them, salmon, was represented by an actual salmon

Persian: What do ya like, besides the salmon (takes the salmon and throws it into the wall)? Okay, Madonna. Don't keep it. Just put that in the mix, (nudges Misty with his elbow) wink. Okay…

Suddenly, Persian transforms the entire inside of the Chapel around Misty into a Las Vegas-like atmosphere, complete with lasers and flashing lights

Persian: (From O.C.) …I see lasers! It’s a miracle! He believes, he believes!

That’s when Persian appeared next to Misty, now dressed like Elvis Presley, hair and all.

Persian: (As Elvis) Thank-you very much!

Misty: (Giggling) I don’t think so…

Persian: (Elvis swirl drops and then turns back to normal) Tres gauch, right? (Makes the Las Vegas atmosphere vanish) well, lets see, maybe you could elope? No, you can't elope, (brings out a honeydew melon) but oh honeydew (laughs)!

Persian then throws the honeydew melon and as it bounces it gets bigger and bigger until it transforms into a stagecoach, ala Disney’s Cinderella. Misty is then brought into the scene and she now looks like Cinderella, complete with the gown and hairstyle.

Persian: I don’t know whether to put it under props or produce. (Misty leans in towards the stagecoach and attempts to touch one of the wheels) Please, don’t squeeze the tires, they’re not ripe. And how about that gown…?

It was then that Persian transformed Misty’s Cinderella gown and hairstyle into the clothes and hairstyle of Snow While. Complete with a Deerling, Pachirisu and a pair of Tailow to add to the effect. As for Persian himself, he was now standing behind a pedestal, dressed like an announcer saying…

Persian: Whether you’re dancing with Dwarves or simply biting the apple, it says “I’m a princess for you”

Misty: (Shoeing away the pokemon) Uh, Persian…

Persian: (Returns everything to normal) what? It’s Synergy (Other Persian wearing lab coats appear. One held up a picture of Misty while another Persian held up pictures of Nami’s (One Piece), Chi-Chi’s (Dragonball Z), and Sakura’s (Naruto) clothing in front of Misty’s picture) The marketing guys are very excited, it tests really well!

The scene then cuts back to the Chapel, where everything is back to normal

Misty: Thank you, Persian; I’m sure it will be wonderful. (Kisses Persian on the cheek) And thanks for cheering me up.

Persian then chuckles a bit, but then he transforms into Bing Crosby and says…

Persian: (As Bing Crosby) I’m sure the boy and his crew are the road to Viridian right now, isn’t that right, Bob?

We are then shown another Persian, who is posing as Bob Hope and he says.

Persian: (As Bob Hope) that’s right, Bing, how 'bout this town? Is it wild or what? It's like one giant sand trap and me without my wedger. Hey, let's give a big hand for Brooke Shields.
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