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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

Ash and Sa’Luk readied themselves after that, and once a scrawnier thief has his Scyther lower its blade as a signal, the fight was on.

For a while Ash was holding his own against Sa’Luk (he was at least avoiding his attacks), but that didn’t stop Elsa, Cassim and the Pokemon from worrying their heads off the whole time. Soon enough though, Ash and Sa’Luk get in up close with their attacks. And while Ash was able to dodge some of Sa’Luk’s strikes, eventually, the brutish thief was able to lay one blow on Ash’s arm.

He groaned in pain after this and held his scratched arm in agony for a moment. This made Elsa, Cassim and the Pokemon very uneasy and worried. Charizard even tried to break himself free when he saw this, to no avail, unfortunately.

Sa’Luk was prepared to make the final blow, but Ash looked up just in time, unsheathed his Father’s dagger and used it to keep away Sa’Luk’s claws. The thieves were all enjoying the show, but Cassim was trying to get passed them the whole time, sadly, to no avail.

Ash and Sa’Luk continued to fight for a while, but unfortunately, Sa’Luk gains the upper hand and finally grabs a hold of Ash with intent to throw him off the cliff. Cassim saw this and with a look of shock on his face, he silently said…

Cassim: No

Sa’Luk proceeded to toss Ash and he fell far down the cliff without anything to grab. Fortunately though, Ash has still had his father’s dagger, which he sank into the cliff and slid down to a nearby ledge. He was quick to get his feet on solid ground and when he did, he took a deep breath and leaned against the side. Unfortunately, his moment of relief was cut short when he heard a screeching sound. He looked up to see where it was coming from and was shocked to see that it was Sa’Luk sliding down the cliff side with his claws. Once on the same ledge as Ash, Sa’Luk proceeded to attack the young Pallet Towner, but fortunately, he wasn’t able to land any blows. What’s more, when Ash saw his dagger still in the cliff side, he thought of a better strategy in handling his opponent. When Sa’Luk missed him again, Ash leapt towards the dagger and swung on its handle to deliver a kick to Sa’Luk’s torso. However, what Ash didn’t count on was his kick having too much force. Because after Sa’Luk was kicked, he stumbled backwards and lost his balance as he got too close to the edge. He wobbled for a bit, but then he fell over completely, adding a scream to boot.

Ash didn’t purposely try to do this, of course but he knew there was little he could do about now. Suddenly, a rope came down to Ash’s position and Ash took it readily. But not before briefly noticing his dagger and pulling it out of the cliff side. He soon makes it back up to the arena area, but when he does, he realizes that the remaining 39 thieves are waiting for him with apparently angry glares.

Pikachu, Raichu and Meowth are all also looking concerned by this

Meowth: I thought oz-eyed won?

Ash: Look, I – I -- I didn’t mean

Thief: Get him!

It was then that Ash was grabbed by the thieves and passed down among them like a potato in a game of Hot Potato. Elsa was cut free by the thieves guarding her during this and was passed down among the other thieves, just like Ash. Pikachu, Raichu and Meowth witnessed this from their cage, but then the Swordsman Thief came up to them, slashed their cage wide open and added them to the passing as well. And all the while, Meowth was saying…

Meowth: Look, I don’t even know Ash Ketchum, okay?

Soon, Ash and Elsa were brought before Cassim, who was looking at them with crossed arms. Two of his men stood next to him on both sides and they didn’t look too happy either (one of them was the Fat thief).

Cassim: You killed Sa’Luk; the code of the Forty Thieves is very clear on this point. (Smiles) you’re in

The thieves all start to cheer at this point and we’re now led into another Musical number

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Fat Thief: (Shakes Ash’s hand) Congratulations, bub!

Different Thief: You've joined the club

Chubby Thief with beard and golden tooth: (Ties a rope around Ash) and everybody here agrees

(Other thieves pull Ash up onto a higher level. They push him back down onto a waiting group of thieves)

We've got the finest blend of nearly honest men

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

(The thieves drop Ash. Ash is annoyed)

A fraternity of thugs that you can trust

There's nothing up our eighty sleeves

Got lots of grub to share, pull up an easy chair

(A man throws some fruit at Ash and another shoves a chair underneath him)

*Pikachu is on Ash’s shoulder when this happens, and Elsa is standing next to him with her Raichu on her shoulder. As a result, when the chair comes behind Ash, Elsa is caught by it as well and ends up on one of the Arm rests*

Welcome to the Forty Thieves

Now you get to lie and cheat

Never have to brush your teeth

But we always aim to please

(Meowth sees a pile of gold and sneaks over to it. But he is quickly grabbed by a thief and thrown onto a table. The Triplets throw a blanket around him, put an icepack on his head, and shove a thermometer in his mouth.)

Care for one another, you'll never miss your mother!

Meowth: (Obviously annoyed) Oh, I love you guys.

Three Thieves: Schemin' up a scam, out on a limb

Three Other Thieves: Taking whatever we please

Thief: And if you like to lurk…

Ponytailed Thief: …You're gonna love this work!

All of the Thieves: Welcome to the Forty Thieves!

(Thieves throw Ash's chair with him, Pikachu, Elsa and her Raichu on it)

(Meowth tries again to get treasure, but the Swordsman Thief spots him and throws knives at him. He just barely dodges them and jumps into the treasure to hide.)

(Ash and company then grab a rope on their way down from being thrown, but it is then cut and they fall onto a basket on the ground)

Thieves: Welcome to the Forty Thieves!

Cassim: Together we're the perfect team

Thieves: Aaaaaaaaahhh!

(Cassim puts his arm around Ash and Elsa)

Cassim: Larceny is in the genes

Thieves: Aaaaaaaaahhh!

Cassim: Dare to share the family dream

Thieves: Aaaaaaaaahhh!

(Meowth is reveling in the pile of treasure)

Meowth: Live a life o' leisure, counting all your treasure!

(A thief pulls Meowth out of the treasure and throws him into Ash's arms.)

Thieves: As an honorary member of the gang

(The Thieves Surround Ash and co. and brandish their swords at them)

That no one alive ever leaves

Thief: You gotta snatch and sneak

(Pikachu and Meowth get snatched)

Larger Thief with a sword: Or else your future's bleak

Gray-Haired Thief: (Holding Pikachu and Meowth in his hands, after they are tied up again) we got a lifetime contract that you’re bound to keep

(Ash grabs Pikachu and Meowth)

All the Thieves: You wanna save your skin, ya better fit right in!

(The thieves dance around, juggling swords and playing with fire.)

Wel…wel…welcome, to the

Wel…wel…welcome, to the

Forty Thieves!

(Pikachu and Meowth are cut free, but afterwards, they grab hold of each other in fear)
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