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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The setting then changes to the woodland area found just west of Viridian City, where Charizard is flying overhead with Ash, Pikachu, Elsa, Raichu and Meowth all riding on his back. As the Oracle instructed, they were following the trail of the Forty Thieves, and clearly, it took them deep into the night.

Meowth: I should’ve stayed with the Persian; manual labor beats danger any day

Ash wasn’t really paying much attention to Meowth though, his attention was focused on the trail below, as he was quick to notice the freshness of the tracks and say…

Ash: Good, the trail’s still fresh, Charizard keep heading in this direction, but make sure we’re not seen first.

Charizard growled in compliance and followed the trail closely; he even picked up some speed in the process. This didn’t stop Meowth’s complaining however

Meowth: Definitely should’ve stayed with the Persian.

Soon enough, Ash and co. spotted the Forty Thieves as they rode on their Rapidash and Zebstrikas around a path corner. As Ash told him, Charizard treaded carefully, and made sure not to be spotted as he followed the group closely. Eventually, the Forty Thieves reared their steeds at a lake and looked towards a large rock that wasn’t too far out into the water and was connected to the mainland by a thin sliver of land. Ash and company noticed the halt and took it as an opportunity to hide themselves behind the trees.

Everyone else got off of Charizard willingly, but Meowth just passed out halfway and fell flat on his back with a groan. When Elsa and her Raichu noticed this, she turned towards Ash and said…

Elsa: Refresh my memory, why is Meowth with us?

Ash: He said was either this or helping the others fix the Chapel, and you know Meowth; he and manual labor don’t mix (Elsa smiles and nods).

It was then that Ash looks towards the thieves from his position and saw that they haven’t moved an inch. This made the young man quite confident.

Ash: Phew, well, they have nowhere to go, we’ve got ’em trapped

This comment made the rest of Ash’s group happy, but Meowth just said…

Meowth: We? (Runs up to Ash) they are Forty Thieves! We are you, a girl, a Charizard, a Pikachu, a Raichu and me. Wait, don’t count me

Regardless of this comment though, Ash went back to looking towards the thieves, and this time, Pikachu, Charizard, Elsa and Raichu joined him. (Meowth did so as well, but it was still reluctantly)

Ash: They’re just…standing there

Suddenly, the King of Thieves rode up his Rapidash towards closer to the lake, Ash was curious about what he was trying to do, but then, he heard and saw what he needed to hear and see.

The King of Thieves: (Raised up his hand) Open Sesame!!!

And at that very moment, the water in the lake started boiling like molten lava and the large rock started to show off a large, glowing crack in its side. The water then separated into path that connected to the mainland and the small crack in the large rock had become as wide as a cave entrance. Ash and his friends were awe struck by this sight, but their time to think about it was cut short when The King of Thieves and his men ride their Pokemon down the path and into the cave.

Seeing this as their chance, Ash yells…

Ash: Let’s move!

…as everyone gets back onto Charizard’s back and takes off after the Thieves. And not a moment too soon either, because once the thieves were all inside, the water started wash back into place and the cave entrance started to close.

There was much screaming from Meowth during all of this, but, albeit just barely, Ash and his friends manage to get inside the cave before it closed up completely. Problem is, when they did make it inside, Charizard made something of a crash-landing and sent all of his passengers flying off.

Ash rubbed his head after that happened, but then he was awe-struck by the amazing splendor that was the Forty Thieves’ lair. The lair was golden and misty and had all the attributes of a long-forgotten city.

Suddenly, Elsa’s Raichu came up to Ash and nudged his arm. But Ash’s only response was…

Ash: I know, Raichu, it’s incredible

…and he didn’t even look at Raichu during this point. So, in irritation, Raichu grabbed Ash’s jacket collar and directed him towards the sealed cave entrance.

Meowth: (With his paws over his eyes) how bad is it?

Apparently, in all the rush to get inside, Meowth got his tail caught in the cave entrance.

*Don’t ask how that happened*

Fortunately for Meowth though, Pikachu came up to him, spat on his front paws, grabbed Meowth and pulled him free. Unfortunately, some of the fur on Meowth’s tail came off in the process.

Meowth: (Looks at his bald tail) (Sarcastically) oh, this is attractive

It was then that Meowth walked back towards the sealed entrance, pulled his yanked off fur out of the cracks and then put them back on his tail. Everyone who saw this just shook their head until Ash said…

Ash: Come on

The young Pallet Towner proceeded to lead his group further into the cave, and for a while, they encountered no trouble at all. However, some of the items they found in the lair were quite unnerving to lay eyes. One wall even had a golden Tauros head mounted on it. The sights were so incredible, Pikachu even took his eyes off of where he was going and bumped into Meowth and Raichu. The three pokemon then tumbled into a nearby puddle, and while Raichu didn’t mind, Meowth was quite upset.

Meowth: Ya wanna not hold up traffic? (Rings his tail dry) I wanna get in, get out and go home. (With a hint of fear in his tone) Actually, I wouldn’t mind skipping right to the go home.

Suddenly, Ash shushes Meowth, as he and Elsa both hear someone talking. They move toward where it was coming from and when they do, they see that it was Sa’Luk talking to all the other thieves.

What he said was…

Sa’Luk: We could have had all the loot from the wedding. But no, we followed the king's plan. This is what we have to show for our trouble in Viridian: NOTHING!

Sa’Luk was standing next to a table when he was talking, and after saying “NOTHING” he slams his arm onto it and smashes it in half. The Fat, snaggle-toothed thief, the thin, swordsman thief and the short, Ponytailed thief with the fur hat were among the ones at the front of the crowd and they looked like they were expecting a show.

Fat Thief: This oughta be good

Ponytailed thief: Sa’Luk is truly ticked

Speaking of Sa’Luk, he quickly approaches the King of Thieves and says…

Sa’Luk: Your time draws to a close, Cassim (shows off his claws)

Ash and Elsa are watching all of this from afar and when the name Cassim came up the two of them shared a shocked glance before speaking

Ash: Cassim?

Elsa: Daddy!

*That’s right, Ash and Elsa’s father’s name is Cassim*

Upon a closer look at the King of thieves, we see that he is now unmasked and is revealed to be none other than the same man the Oracle showed Ash earlier, Ash and Elsa’s father.

Cassim: If you're talking about spilling my blood, well, I just don't see that happening. (He folds his arms and smirks defiantly)

Sa’Luk: Then let me open your eyes (raises his claws)

Just then, when Sa’Luk was about to attack, he is suddenly tackled from behind by both Ash and Elsa. Ash grabbed Sa’Luk by his arms while Elsa held him by his legs.

Elsa: (Struggling to keep Sa’Luk down) Run, we’ve got him

Cassim wasn’t sure of what to make of this, so he just looked confused for a moment.

Ash: We’re Ash and Elsa Ketchum, you’re our father!

This comment not only made Cassim gasp, but it also made the other thieves murmur for a moment. That’s when Sa’Luk got up, kicked off Elsa and pinned down Ash, forcing him to drop his father’s dagger. Cassim walked up and picked it up and when he did; his face implied he knew exactly what it was.

Sa’Luk: I don’t know about your father, boy, but I’ll send you to me your other ancestors!

Sa’Luk raised his claws for a fatal blow after that statement, and while Pikachu and Charizard were ready to leap into action, it was not needed, for the one who stopped Sa’Luk was Cassim himself

Cassim: Let him go, the boy and the girl (looks at the dagger)… are my children

The thieves all gasped in disbelief after that point

Cassim: I gave this dagger to my wife years ago, I told her to give it to our newborn son, Ash

We then cut back to the crowd where the Fat thief, the Swordsman thief and the Ponytailed thief are just as shocked by this news as all the others

Fat Thief: It’s true?

Ponytailed Thief: Oh, the boy is the son of the King of thieves

Elsa helps Ash up during this point and once he’s up, Ash says…

Ash: You are the King of Thieves?

Cassim: Like it or not, boy, we are blood

Pikachu and the other Pokemon are shocked by this revelation, as they share a surprised look after hearing all of this

Cassim: (Approaches Ash and Elsa) look at you both; I thought I’d never see either of you again. Has it been so long?

Ash and Elsa smile at this for a moment, as does Cassim, but the moment is quickly ended when Sa’Luk comes up and says…

Sa’Luk: Blood or mud, the boy and his sister are intruders (pushes Cassim away). (Bears his claws) and we have rules about intruders

It was then that Pikachu and the other Pokemon are assaulted by three Ariados (no doubt they belonged to the Thieves) and are easily subdued by their String Shot attack (even Charizard is rendered helpless by their combined String Shots). And all the while, the other thieves were starting to agree with Sa’Luk

Thief 1: Sa’Luk is right

Thief 2: He knows our secrets!

Thief 3: I hate intruders!

Thief 4: Wait, me too

We then cut back to Sa’Luk, who is calling out to the other thieves

Sa’Luk: He has found our secret lair, and has seen too much

Sa’Luk then looks towards Cassim, who has been scowling at everything Sa’Luk has said, which only made Sa’Luk want to continue

Sa’Luk: He must die! (Thieves start to agree) They must all die!

Meowth: Die!? (Struggles to be seen) they’re your kids, I’m their friend!

Pikachu nodded at the former of this statement, but he just glared annoyingly at the latter

Meowth: Cast the vote for Mercy here!

Cassim maintains his scowl at Sa’Luk during this point, but Sa’Luk is less than bothered by it

Sa’Luk: Yes, Cassim, mercy would be so like you; soft and weak

The Forty thieves all murmured after this comment and, after looking at his son and daughter and their pokemon, Cassim makes his decision…

Cassim: Kill them

This answer made Ash, Elsa and their Pokemon widen their eyes in shock, but it just made Sa’Luk all the happier. But as he prepared to claw Ash first, Cassim revealed that he wasn’t finished, much to Sa’Luk’s chagrin.

Cassim: Or the boy could, yes, the boy could…nah

The fact that Cassim even started this sentence put his men on pins and needles, eager to hear him finish.

Fat Thief: What, what, the boy could what?

Cassim: (Nonchalantly) nothing, probably a bad idea

The Circus Triplet Thieves: (Together) lets hear it

Cassim: Well it seems to me that…oh never mind

Sa’Luk: What?

Cassim pretended to pace for a second, and then acted like he was just idea stricken.

Cassim: The boy could face…the challenge

Ash didn’t know what this meant, but the Forty Thieves certainly did, as they all eagerly agreed with Cassim’s idea

Cassim: (Approaches Ash) that’s that, (places his hand on Ash’s shoulder) my son shall face the challenge

Sa’Luk: (Coming up from behind Cassim) and I (shows off his claws) shall be the one to test him

Meowth then came up to Ash, now freed of Ariados’ String shot and says…

Meowth: (Confidence) a test, huh. Well, that’s not so bad; maybe it’ll be multiple choice.

The setting then changes to the outside of the rock at its upper levels. The Forty Thieves are leading Ash and company up and eventually, they reach a wide arena-like area with torches on poles. Once there, we see that Elsa has been tied up and Pikachu, Raichu and Meowth are all in a cage being watched over by the thin, Swordsman thief, who is casually eating a shish kabob.

Pikachu calls out to Meowth in his own language, but Meowth’s only response was…

Meowth: Escape? Not likely (Looks towards Charizard, who is not only still caught in Ariados’ String Shot, but is also being watched over by two of said Ariados and the Fat Thief, who is sitting on top of him), our ride home is grounded, and Ash…well, it’s been nice knowing him

Speaking of Ash, he is standing next Cassim and asked…

Ash: What’s going on, Dad?

Cassim: Oh, the challenge is simple enough; only one man survives

Ash then looks towards Sa’Luk, who is looking particularly menacing, especially after the Lightning cracks in the background.

Cassim: (Puts his hand on Ash’s shoulder) If you’re my son, you’ll be that man. (Hands Ash the dagger) knock ‘em dead, kid, seriously
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