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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The scene then fades to black and then comes back with a setting change. We are now brought to a cliff side near the outskirts of Viridian city, around sunset it appears, where Pikachu, Charizard and a Raichu are all pacing back and forth. Ash’s sister, Elsa was leaning against the cliff side while this was happening and was now wearing a tan pair of jeans and a black T-shirt. Her facial expression implied that she was in deep thought, and when Raichu noticed this, it came up to Elsa and started rubbing itself against her leg. Elsa noticed this and responded to it by kneeling down and petting Raichu lovingly on the head.

*That’s right, Raichu belongs to Elsa*

Suddenly, Elsa and Raichu heard the call of Corsola as one came running up to them with a smile. Turns out this was Misty’s Corsola as she was next to come onto the scene after Corsola, and she was now dressed in a blue pair of pants and a purple tanktop. Her hair was also in a different style this time, now it was more thicker-looking and went down to her back.

Elsa: Misty, what are you doing out here?

Misty: I could ask you the same thing, Elsa

Elsa: Well, I came out here to think about what my Mom told me about Dad

Misty: Oh yeah, how did Mrs. Ketchum take the news?

Elsa: Well, at first, she seemed just as surprised as I was when Ash told me. But I was a little untrusting of her at first, I mean, she was the one who told me and Ash that Dad was gone

Misty: So, she knew he was alive?

Elsa: (Sighs) no, that’s it. Turns out, Mom only told us that because she didn’t know either. Apparently, back before Ash and I were even old enough to know who he was, Dad just packed up and left on a journey. He told Mom that he was going away to help make our lives better, but he never came back. Mom wasn’t sure what to tell us when were old enough, so she just said what she thought was true; that Dad was… well, ya know

Misty: (Sympathetically) I’m so sorry, Elsa

Corsola also offered its condolences, right before it came up to Elsa and joined Raichu in rubbing up against her legs. Elsa gave both Pokemon a pat on the head after that moment. However, after that moment, Misty was quick to get back to the reason she was really out there.

Misty: Where’s Ash?

Elsa then pointed towards and Misty was quick to see something sitting over the side of the ridge.

Misty: Has he been up there all day?

The scene then cuts to a clearer view of the top of the ridge, where we see Ash sitting next to a rock, looking at Viridian City from afar. He was now dressed in a pair of blue jeans with a white shirt and a leather jacket, and while he no longer wears the hats he used to, he still sports the same Pokemon League symbol on the back and shoulders of his jacket.

In his hands was the same dagger he claimed to have belonged to his father. But as he looked at it while holding it up, he put it back down and leaned against the rock to sigh exasperatedly. This is when Misty arrived at the top with Pikachu and Corsola, and said…

Misty: Ash, are you alright? (Sees the Oracle’s scepter and picks it up) What’s wrong?

Ash: I’ve always wanted to learn more about my father, but (stands up) now I’m not so sure. What kind of man leaves his kids? Did he even care? (Sigh) maybe I don’t wanna know

Misty: (Comes up to Ash and touches his shoulder) yes you do

Ash: How can you be so sure?

Misty: (Rests her head on Ash’s shoulder) because I already know him… (Ash turns towards Misty with a surprised look on his face) because I know you.

It was then that Misty sat Ash back down on the grass and took both his hands lovingly as we are then led into another musical number by a soft and soothing tune


Misty: You showed me the world when I was all locked up inside.

(Flashbacks to previous Anime episodes begin, all of them were of Ash doing good things and helping Misty)

You reached out your hand and took me on a magic Carpet ride.

One look at your smile and I could see the light, shining everywhere.

(Flashbacks finally end)

People like you don't come out of thin air.

Ash: Oh Misty...

(Stands up) You don't understand.

There is so much that you don't see.

(Ash flashes back to his childhood where he was walking in the Pallet Town Park alone with his head down)

Just think if you can what growing up had to be like for me.

(Two children run pass Younger Ash and receive a hug from their father when they reach him. Younger Ash smiled at this touching moment, but his smile quickly disappeared when the two children leave with their father hand-in-hand.)

Your father's a man who taught you who you are.

(Younger Ash then continued to walk alone after that, with his head down and a sad look on his face.)

Mine was never there.

(Flashback ends)

So how can you say, I don't come out of thin air?

(Ash and Misty are now standing at the cliff’s edge together)

Ash: There's so much I want to know

Misty: You've got the chance to learn.

Ash: If it means, I'd have to go...

Misty: I'll be right here when you return. Our wedding can wait.

(Ash hugs Misty)

Ash: I love you.

Misty: I think it's worth this small delay.

(Pikachu sighs while holding the Oracle scepter, but as soon as he remembers he had it, he hands it over to Ash, who then rewards him with a pet on the head)

Ash: Maybe you're right.

(Pikachu and Corsola high-five each other before leaning against each other while looking tenderly at Ash and Misty)

Misty: And won't it be great to have your father see our wedding day? It isn't too late.

Ash: I've waited so long to learn the truth.

(Both grab onto the Oracle scepter)

Both: And now at least, we can finally say.

Misty: You're father is really there.

Ash: There's so much that we might share.

Misty: And you'll finally learn, you

Both: Don't come out of thin air.

It was at that point that the Oracle scepter levitated out of the couple’s hand and floated over the Cliffside before freezing in midair and revealing the Oracle once more.

Oracle: (To Ash) have you chosen your question?

Ash: Yes

Oracle: Then ask

Ash: (Brief silence) where is my father?

Oracle: (Pointing West) Follow the trail of the Forty Thieves. Your father is trapped behind their world

This news was a shock to both Ash and Misty, but Ash most of all

Ash: Forty Thieves? Is he hurt? How long has he been their prisoner?

Oracle: I’m sorry; I can only answer one question

And with that, the Oracle vanishes once more and its scepter levitates back into the hands of Ash.

Ash: It’s up to me

Misty: (Places her hands on Ash’s shoulder) take as long as you need

Ash looks at Misty for a brief moment and then says…

Ash: I’ll be back in time for our wedding, I promise

…before hugging her tightly
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