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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

Meanwhile, back inside, Ash and Misty share a loving gaze at each other before taking the other’s arm and walking towards the altar.

Persian: It’s all so magical, I’m not gonna cry, I’m not…

But in the end, Persian couldn’t keep his word, because in 2 seconds he was crying his eyes out and used Bayleaf’s head leaf as a tissue.

Of course, he did notice his actions afterwards and apologized to Bayleaf with a sheepish grin on his face.

At last, Misty and Ash were at the altar, and upon reaching it, they looked at each other lovingly and said…

Ash: Well, (takes Misty’s hand) we’re here

Misty: Together forever

But before either of them can say “I Do”, the Hooded Figure reaches the Chapel roof and uses a sword to reflect the sunlight as a signal to Sa’Luk, who smiles after seeing it. He then finds the Fat man trying to push a Donphan from behind, but is having no such luck. So Sa’luk pushes him aside and says…

Sa’Luk: (Prepares to stab the Donphan with his claws) let me be the point man

What Sa’Luk did was not shown, but given Donphan’s facial expression, it could be assumed that he stabbed the pokemon in its “personal” area

The following scene showed Ash and Misty sharing another loving glance, but that is soon interrupted by the sudden shaking of the ground. And it wasn’t just the bride and groom who felt this either, everyone else felt it too and they were all equally puzzled

Persian: I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon

Mayor Carlos: (Stumbling about, due to the shaking) Oh, oh, my word

Ash and Misty looked around to find the cause of all this, as did everyone else in the audience, but when they found it, they were shocked to see the combined herd of Tauros, Rhydon, Bouffalant and Donphan heading right towards them. Persian even changed his samurai armor to cowboy clothes and yelled…

Persian: STAMPEDE!!!

The pokemon then smashed their way into the Chapel and began to trample over everything while all the guests were scrambling to get out of the way. The Rhydon in particular were very destructive, as one of them even came charging at Ash and Misty. The two were able to get out of the way of course, but the altar itself was smashed to pieces.

Even Meowth was feeling the issue from the gift table, as everything there was shaking around and falling due to all of the chaos.

Meowth: (Catching gifts as they fell) what is going on here?

All the guests were screaming in terror, but thanks to some help from the non-hostile pokemon, no one got hurt in all this destruction. But there were a few close calls; even Delia Ketchum almost gets flattened by Donphan when she trips. Fortunately though, Persian was in time to swoop in and save her.

Persian: Watch it, Mrs. K; you were almost Donphan Road kill!

It was at that moment, however, that Persian turned his attentions toward a Sunflora who was so abruptly stepped on by a Bouffalant. Fortunately though, a Sunflora’s plant-like body allows them to take such abuse and shake it off, so the Grass-type was in no real pain. But that still didn’t stop Persian from popping up next to the Sunflora and saying…

Persian: Oh, they trampled the flower… that's a little redundant. (To Sunflora as it got back up) so this isn't a bad day for you really, is it?

The rampage continued unmolested for a while and the Hooded Figure was watching the whole thing from a safe distance. He even saw the Officer Jenny from before lead a few of her relatives into the fray in an attempt to quell the ensuing chaos. Some of the guests tried to help them, but the others just ran away in terror.

Officer Jenny 1: What is this, some sort of an attack?

Suddenly, all of the guests who tried to run were forced back inside as the 40 Thieves began to advance their way into the building.

Officer Jenny from the beginning: Not in my city!

But regardless of Officer Jenny’s comment, the Forty Thieves soon began to have their way with the crowd as they showed off their thievery skills and handily rob nearly everybody of their valuables.

However, this did not stop the pokemon stampede, as the Donphan involved continued to roll around all over the place while the Rhydon knocked over enough support beams to cause the roof to collapse. A large chunk of said roof even almost crushed Ash and Misty.

Persian: (Notices the debris falling) I think we’re gonna have a little problem with leaks

And with that, Persian turns into a puff of smoke, zooms up towards the ceiling and rematerializes in front of it in hopes of preventing more debris from falling.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, the thieves are still having their way with crowd and the Police seem powerless to stop them. One thief in particular even knocked down a pillar to keep the Police away from him.

As for the Hooded Figure, he was now at the Gift table and was frantically searching for something in particular.

The Hooded Figure: It must be here somewhere!

Suddenly though, the thief is nearly blindsided by a golden plate and looks to see that it was Meowth, who was now brandishing a lamp.

Meowth: Meet your match, Zorro!

The Hooded Figure: (Approaching him slowly) good kitty, want me to rub your ears or scratch your tummy?

Meowth: (Visibly angered by this) I’ll have you know no body touches my tummy!

Meowth then began to swing the lamp at the Hooded Figure, but missed every time. Finally, the hooded man grabbed Meowth by his wrists, took lamp from him and said…

The Hooded Figure: You have a lot of spirit (shoves Meowth into an urn) and a lot of mouth

The Forty thieves continued their raid, but many of the trainers and pokemon at the wedding started to pitch in and at least managed to keep some of them at bay. Even Ash started to help out when he noticed three thieves who looked like they should be in a circus rather than be criminals.

The Officer Jenny from the beginning (lets just call her “Grumpy Officer Jenny” from now on) soon notices the fat thief carrying his loot and sends in her Arcanine to attack him. But when that happens, the portly bandit simply bounces the large pokemon off on his belly and sends it right back at Grumpy Officer Jenny, right before walking off laughing.

Two more Officer Jennys show up after that and they are soon greeted by Sa’Luk. He smiles for a moment as he shows off his claws, but the two Jennys are not intimidated, so they bring out their Arcanine with intent to battle. However Sa’Luk just swings his claws around three times and withdraws them with a chuckle. At first, it didn’t seem like he did anything, but in reality, both Arcanine had had their fur cut to poodle like proportions and the two Officer Jennys had had clothes shredded down to the underwear.

Officer Jenny 1: They fight like monsters

Officer Jenny 2: Worse than monsters, these are the Forty Thieves

Persian was still positioned on the ceiling, but was able to hear that last comment and reply to it with…

Persian: Really? I get 39

Ash also heard this comment, but when he looked behind him, his attention was quickly turned towards the Hooded Figure, who was still searching the Gift Table.

Ash: (Takes off his tuxedo coat) 40

The Hooded Figure was still frantically searching the gifts for something, but from the looks of things, he wasn’t making much headway.

The Hooded Figure: Where is it?

However this quickly changed when he saw a small, Egyptian-like scepter with a green gem on it. Apparently, this was the item he was.

The Hooded Figure: (Reaching for the scepter) ah, at last

He held the item up in the air for a moment, but then suddenly, he felt a pushing feeling that sent him over, flat on his back. He looked up and saw that it Ash, who was now gloatingly holding the same scepter he was after.

Ash: (Mockingly) can I see your invitation?

The Hooded Figure: (Reaches a golden statue) stay out of my way, boy (throws it at Ash) and you won’t get hurt!

This minor attack causes Ash to fall backwards, but he still manages to hold onto the scepter regardless. He tries to get back up, but the Hooded Figure leaps on top of him and grabs him by his wrists

The Hooded Figure: Fool, you don’t stand a chance against the King of Thieves!

Ash struggled for a bit, but then he looked the self-proclaimed “king” in the face and said…

Ash: When I get up, I’ll bow to you!

…right before kicking the “King of thieves” off of him with one leg

The scene then cuts a slightly chubby thief with two knives who was quickly subdued by Misty when she tapped on his shoulder from behind and quickly delivered a sound punch to the face.

Misty: (After the punch) that was for ruining my wedding

Two other thieves saw this happen while they were trying to make off with their haul, but while they were looking at their fallen comrade in shock, they failed to notice Charizard, Torkaoal and Quilava sneaking up behind them and using Flamethrower on their rear ends. This caused them to drop their loot and jump forward in pain, where Infernape and Pignite were waiting for them and ready to finish the job with Tackle and Mach Punch.

The struggle between Ash and the King of Thieves continued while this was happening and while both of them had a firm grip on the golden scepter, neither of them was making any headway.

The next scene showed Pikachu confronting 5 of the 40 thieves who were ready to bring out their pokemon and crush the little Electric-type. But Pikachu simply fired a thin Thunderbolt upwards and hit the chain holding a large chandelier. This caused the whole thing to fall and land right on top of the thieves with a big THUMP.

Meanwhile, Persian was still maintaining his position on the ceiling, but as the crumble starting to subside, he felt the ceiling he was clinging to and levitated away from it to get a good look at it. When he saw that the only part of the ceiling left was the part he was protecting, he stroked his chin and said…

Persian: I guess there’s really no point to this now

After that, Persian teleported away and reappeared in front of three thieves who were trying to escape. His arms were crossed at this point and he had a smug grin on his face, but the three thieves were not intimidated, so they prepared to fight back.

Persian lost his smile for a second there, but it quickly came back when he looked at the audience and while wiggled his eyebrows.

Suddenly, Persian transforms into a black garbed ninja with a Katana in both hands and he is quickly surrounded by an army of Persian duplicates, all dressed the exact same way. They all even make the sound effects to go with it

This intimidates the thieves rather easily, as they all drop their “Tough Guy” facade and run off in the opposite direction. This makes Persian quite happy, but then he hears a loud bellowing sound and turns his attention towards the Donphan making it. He started to smile again and then grew so large that he was able to lift Donphan up like it was a toy. He held the ground-type up close to his torso, looked at some of the thieves and said…

Persian: Freeze, dirt bags! (Cocks Donphan’s trunk like a machine gun) don’t make me use the other end

And like a quickly deflating balloon, Persian forced Donphan to blow a mighty gust of air out of its trunk and blew away three of the 40 thieves (the triplets who looked like they should be in a Circus). However, afterwards, Donphan looked like a deflated squeaky toy and Persian put him down with a look of embarrassment on his face.

Then, with a smile, Persian harnessed a Thunderbolt in his paw and fired it at two of the 40 thieves’ rear ends. They ran away screaming afterwards and when they do, Persian transforms again…

Persian: (As Forrest Gump) Mama always said “Lightning is as lightning does”

Sa’Luk and another thief saw this and they were both shocked by it (no pun intended)

Sa’Luk: Cassim said nothing about facing the powers of a Pokemon like that! (Turning to the tall thief behind him) Get the others out of here. We'll leave the King to his plans.

Speaking of said “King” he and Ash were still squabbling over the scepter and even when it looked like the King of Thieves was going to get away, Ash stopped him still. Their fighting even knocked over the urn that Meowth was in and he was free to wobble around disoriented. However, the struggle was finally ended when the two noticed the Rhydon charging right towards them. Fortunately, they both manage to get out of the way in time and the Rhydon just smashes through the wall and runs off growling. Ash watches this, but when he looks around for his adversary, he finds nothing

Ash: Where’s the King of Thieves

Unbeknownst to Ash, the King of Thieves had grabbed onto the Rhydon and hitched a ride away from the chapel. He eventually got off and when that happened, he looked towards what remained of the Chapel and said…

The King of Thieves: I’ll see you again, Boy!

…right before running off

Meanwhile, back inside, Persian was looking particularly proud of his efforts in stopping the thieves. But that quickly ended when he saw just how much damage was done to Chapel.

Persian: This is not my fault! This was not built to code! (More of the Chapel collapses in)

Delia and Carlos were both shocked to see all of this destruction, and it didn’t help that Meowth was nearby to say…

Meowth: Good luck getting back the catering deposit

No doubt about it, Carlos and Delia were both upset about their children’s ruined wedding. But before their disappointment could go any further, it is briefly relieved by Persian when he pops up in front of them and says…

Persian: Fear not, O’ Mother of the Groom and Father of the Bride, we can rebuild! (Transforms into a muscular construction worker)

Mayor Carlos: Oh, please do (Persian’s chest muscles drop to his gut, but Persian just shrugs afterwards), we can’t have a wedding without a Chapel

Persian: (Looking at and writing on a clipboard) Alright, a wedding Chapel it is, my man

It was at that point that Persian used his powers to change Pikachu, Charizard and Meowth into construction workers as well. And for sheer humor, each one was doing a stereotypical construction worker thing afterwards; Pikachu was eating a donut, Charizard was reading the newspaper and Meowth was eating a sandwich.

Persian: Hey, I wanna see some resumes on these guys… (Gets in close to Delia and Carlos) and don’t let the one with whiskers near any power tools (drill sounds)

Delia: Yes, yes, whatever it takes Persian, just please fix everything. (Turns to Carlos) oh, Carlos, how could our children’s special day go so wrong?

Mayor Carlos: Agreed (turns away from Delia), I am so sorry about this, Misty

But when no answer was heard, Carlos was quick to see that Misty wasn’t around.

Mayor Carlos: (Confused) Daughter?

Turns out, Misty was at the Gift Table area looking at the presents that were on the floor.

Misty: What were they after, the gifts?

Ash: Not all of the gifts, this is what the King of Thieves wanted

Turns out, Ash still had the scepter that the King of Thieves was after, and when Misty, Pikachu, Persian, Charizard and Meowth all came up to him, they all just looked at it confusingly. Of what value could this one item be?

Meowth: With all the other great stuff (taps on the scepter), why go for this thing?

Suddenly, the scepter’s gem started to glow bright white while a mysterious voice could be heard saying…


The light grew to blinding proportions, so blinding that the group barely saw the scepter as it floated out of Ash’s hand and into the center of the room. There it stood perfectly still as a more solid form of light emanated from it and took on the form of a ghostly, ethereal looking woman wearing a Noctowl pendent and clothes based on the pokemon Xatu.

Ghostly Figure: The King of Thieves sought my sight to find the Ultimate Treasure

Meowth: (No longer acknowledging the bright light) did someone say treasure?

Ash: Uh, Persian?

Persian: (Puts on sunglasses) whoa, looks like an Oracle, people believed these spirits worked along side Xatu in ancient times

Ghostly Figure: I’ve seen all that has been and all that will be.

Persian: (As Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman") uh oh, uh oh, definitely an Oracle, tells the future, uh oh. (To Misty after changing back to normal) Girlfriend, where were you registered?

The scene then cuts to an upper view of the group while Meowth is trying to approach the Oracle

Meowth: Okay, ya know all, so tell all! Where is the treasure, ya know, the Ultimate one?

Oracle: I am bound by the rule of one; one question, one answer

Meowth: I only want one answer! Where is the Ultimate Treasure?

Oracle: You have already asked your one question

Meowth: Oh, you mean before? Oh, that wasn’t a question; that was, uh, thinking out loud

Suddenly, Persian yanks Meowth by the tail and pulls him close to his face as he says…

Persian: Very loud (lets Meowth go)

Ash had just retrieved the scepter from its midair position at this point, and after he did, Misty came up close to him and said…

Misty: Ash, we could learn anything, about our lives, our future

Oracle: You have but to ask

Ash: I can wait to see what the future holds, it’s the past that I need answers for. There are too many blanks there; it’s like it’s just one, big blur.

Oracle: Your question is your choice. But remember the rule of one, choose carefully

The scene then cuts to Meowth looking grumpy while standing next to Charizard.

Meowth: Oh, sure, she warns him about the one question thing

This comment made Charizard look annoyed so, in response, he smacked Meowth away with his tail, to which the Normal-type gave a squeal.

Ash: I don’t think you can help me. (Walks away) my past isn’t just one question; it’s a million questions.

Oracle: Ah, but mere questions about your past can be answered by your father…

This comment caught Ash completely off-guard, as he turned back towards the Oracle and said…

Ash: My father?

Pikachu, Charizard and Persian all showed signs of being equally shocked by this comment. But the Oracle proved that she was being quite serious when she waved her hands and made a mystical visual appear in front her. It showed an older man who had a strong resemblance to Ash, except he had grey hair instead of black and a noticeably short cut beard.

As Ash slowly approached the image of his father, he was still in total shock by all this, as his next words were…

Ash: My father is alive?
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