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Default Re: Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)

The scene then cuts to the area where the guests stop to unload their cargo and gifts, and park their riding Pokemon. The Hooded figure from before was observing his surroundings, but while he did so, three golden claws came out of one of the baskets behind him and vertically sliced the basket from the top down. The person responsible for this is revealed to be a tall, pale skinned man wearing a black tank top, a red belt, and baggy blue pants. On his left hand, he wears a golden, claw like weapon with three prongs. He climbs out of the basket he cut and puts his hand on the Hooded Figure’s shoulder after dusting himself off. Needless to say; he wasn’t happy

Man: Why do you walk in the open while I suffocate like an animal?

The Hooded Figure: Someone has to keep a cool head, Sa’luk

Sa’luk: (Pounds his fists) someone will have no head if this is another wild goose chase!

Sa’luk held his claws close to the Hooded Figure’s head when he said this, but pulls them away when the figure starts to talk

The Hooded Figure: The Oracle is the real thing…this time I’m sure

The scene then cuts to the Viridian City Chapel’s courtyard, where a large crowd of guests was en massing its way into the building. Many characters from the past have made their return for this glorious event, even the Regional champions and a few members of the various Elite Fours.

*Bruno, Prima, Drake (Orange Islands), Lance and his Dragonite, Drake (Elite Four), Agatha, Scott, Cynthia, Bertha and Flint were all just a few of the people attending the festivities*

As for the Pokemon there, Pikachu himself was responsible for greeting them. Just like the human guests, there were quite a few familiar faces in this crowd, and all of them were here to see Ash’s wedding.

*Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdoes, Articuno, Sloking, Lugia, Suicune, Celebi, Darkrai, Zoroark and Zorua were all among them*

Naturally, Persian was adding some comedy to the situation by commenting on the whole thing and interviewing the guests like a T.V. News Reporter from a show called “Lifestyles of Trainer and Pokemon” (With a Tuxedo, Microphone and obvious toupee to boot).

He closes the whole thing by saying…

Persian: Once again, this whole broadcast has been brought to you by trees and grass. They’re everywhere. (A logo appears reading 'Trees and Grass- they’re everywhere'. Persian walks in front of it.) Get used to it!

The next scene to follow was inside of the Wedding Chapel where Meowth is at the Gift table, sitting on a jewelry box and admiring the various wedding presents, particularly the golden ones

Meowth: Whew, never thought I’d ever get this close to so much gold before, especially not when I was with Team Rocket…

*That’s right, that’s why Meowth is able to be here, he’s not a Team Rocket field operative anymore. In fact, TR shut down and disbanded 2-3 years ago*

Meowth: Hmm, then again, that’s probably because I would’ve stolen somethin’ by now. (Glares at some of the jewelry with a mischievous smile) hmm, I wonder if I could just (reaches for a present, but then stops and shakes his paw), Nah.

That’s when Meowth is approached by Pikachu, who then begins to say something in its own language. Meowth understood him, of course, but all he said in response was…

Meowth: Yeah, yeah, I know, Pikachu, but don’t sweat it, I can see fine from all the way back here.

Pikachu continues to try and persuade Meowth, but all Meowth does is brush him aside and say…

Meowth: Look, there’s one thing in this world that I get sentimental about, and I’m sittin’ on it

Pikachu gives the audience a confused look for a moment, but after that, he lifts Meowth up by his tail and looks inquisitively at his bottom. This upset Meowth greatly, as the next words that came out his mouth were…

Meowth: The loot, Einstein, the loot!

The scene then cuts to Ash, who was getting his tie and corsage straightened out by Bulbasaur and Bayleaf’s vine whip. When they were finally done, Noctowl and Swellow brought a mirror up to him and showed him their good job

Ash: (Sighs) thanks, Bayleaf and Bulbasaur, you two, Noctowl and Swellow, I can always depend on you guys to help out

The 4 Pokemon all smiled with pride at their trainer’s kind words, but suddenly, Ash’s attention is directed towards Persian as he comes up to him with a flower in one paw and a belt in the other.

Persian: Bad news, Ash, the boutonnières clash with the cumber buns

A quick scene change showed that the Chapel was full of guests, but while Ash noticed this, Persian did not

Ash: Persian, isn’t it a little late for that?

Cleary, Persian wasn’t catching the hint, as his next words were…

Persian: What, what are ya trying to say? Out with it, what, what?!...

Soon enough though, Ash’s point finally gets through to Persian as he looks towards to the crowd and says…

Persian: (Chuckles sheepishly) they’re here

Then, Persian picks up a large pocket watch and says…

Persian: Oh no-ho-ho!

During this, he transforms into white Buneary with glasses and a red coat and goes off running, saying…

Persian: I’m late; I’m late, for a very important date

He then ran down the aisle and went out the front doors. But as they swung back and forth, he was shown to be back inside in his original form and was now garbed in Samurai-esque armor. It was then that he pulled out a trumpet and started blowing on it very loudly before vanishing into a burst of sparkling dust.

Pikachu heard this, of course, but he was unable to see it, due to being on the far side of a large crowd. Fortunately though, Charizard was nearby to allow Pikachu to scurry up his back and watch all the action from the top of his head.

The Bridesmaids were the first ones to come through the doors and when they did, they were in two single-file lines of five and all of them were throwing down the ceremonial flowers.

In one line, there was Iris, Dawn, May, Anabel and Ash’s sister, Elsa…

*That’s right, Ash has a sister, a fraternal twin sister to be precise*

In the other line, there was Daisy, Lily, Violet, Angie and Macy. All of them dressed in the proper Bridesmaid’s outfits, but the person they came in front of wasn’t the bride, it was the new Mayor of Viridian City, Carlos. Everyone looked upon him with respect, but what really caught his eye was Pikachu waving to him, which he responded to with a smile and a wave back.

Soon enough, the Mayor reached the end of the aisle and when he did, he stood next to Ash with smile while the young Ketchum just looked dignified

Mayor Carlos: (Chuckles then nudges Ash in the chest) don’t look so solemn, boy, (Ash smiles a little) this is a happy day

The scene then cuts back to Persian, who is still in his Samurai armor, as he looks upon the scene between Ash and Carlos with joy.

Persian: Oh look, (forms a frame with his paws) it’s a Kodiak moment

Suddenly though, Persian is accosted by Beartic on the left side as it roared loudly into his ear. However this is easily dealt with, as Persian simply grabs Beartic by the mouth and pushes it away like he was nothing. He even says…

Persian: Put that Beartic outta here!

Then, with that moment subsided, Persian looked back towards the wedding and smiled before waving his hands and causing a long, white carpet to appear out of nowhere. It floated in midair for a few seconds, but then it was caught and led to the floor by Staraptor and Unfezant. It covered the entire aisle, and when it did, everyone eagerly looked back at the doors and awaited the arrival of the Bride.

There was much suspense at this point, but soon enough, the bride was revealed to be none other than…


*That’s right, Pokeshipping won*

Her wedding gown was a beautiful sight to be sure and the makeup and hairstyle she chose completed the elegant vision she was going for.

All the humans looked upon her with awe and the Pokemon were just as enamored by her.

Ash: (In awe) wow

Persian: Oh Yeah

Misty continued her march down the aisle with grace, but she still took the time to give her three sisters a friendly glance while doing so and they just sighed in response to it. This was their little sister’s special day.

Eventually, Misty arrived at the end of the aisle, and there she was approached by Mayor Carlos, who took her hand and said…

Mayor Carlos: I never thought this day would come; now I’m afraid it has come all too soon.

Misty: (Hugs him) oh, Father

*That’s right, Mayor Carlos is Misty’s father*

But while this touching moment was taking place, the Hooded Figure was outside with Sa’luk and the two of them were ready to strike

The Hooded Figure: (To Sa’Luk) you distract the guards (walks off camera)

Sa’Luk: Part of your plan?

The Hooded Figure: (Pets a Tauros) a large part

*Not one of Ash’s Tauros’, this one came with a smaller herd as a beast of burden, along with a few Donphan, Bouffalant and Rhydon as well*

That is when the Hooded Figure approached one of the baskets being carried by the Camerupt and softly hits it, saying…

The Hooded Figure: It’s time

After that, the baskets being carried by the Camerupt each start to move in their own way, and out of them came several, shady looking men.

One was a snaggle-toothed, fat man with a dopey grin, another was a tall, thinner man with a mustache and an arsenal of swords, the third was a short bearded man with a long ponytail and fur hat, and the fourth was a pale skinned with a turban floating out of his box on an Indian like rope. They were all soon joined up by the rest of their group, which all added up to a total of 40, and they all smiled with a nasty agenda on their mind. This was the notorious Kanto group known simply as the 40 Thieves.
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