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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Vahn D. Brande l Son Goku
Dragon Slayer l Fighter Mage
Southport Dock

As Vahn and Goku approached the sailor unloading a crate. Without hesitation, they rushed towards the sailor and call it nice timing, the sailor took notice of the arrival of his new guests.

"Mate, do you think you've got any clothing to spare the both of us? We just arrived from the sewers."

Vahn knew it was best to keep his mouth shut, or at least, it would be much better to let Goku handle situations which require diplomatic approaches. Unlike Vahn who stuffs his fist into his enemies face rather than sappy talks. When questioned about clothing, the Sailor turned his eyes to them before putting his crate down. He dusted his hands off before turning fully to the boys to address them directly.

"Can't say I have anything that would be of use to ya," he said. "We don't carry much for ourselves as it is. Basically we only have what we can carry and what's on our backs. But I could point ya to someone that may be able to help ya. Sells decent stuff for cheat coin."

Oi Vahn, what do you think? Should we check out this shady fellow? If we're lucky enough, we could hog on more stuff than what we pay. Shouldn't be that much a problem..."

"Why not? I don't think that's going to be much of a problem. If they were, hahahahaha!", Goku understood where Vahn was headed towards in his conversation.

"Sailor, give us more information about this person. If we've hit the jackpot, we'd send you our tip!"

Note: Listen closely to what the Sailor has to say about the person.

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