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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
@Teddiursa of the Sky: If the Bible were to promote only positive values, would you really have any problem with Christianity (or other religions, I'm not sure which you seem to be against)? Of course, that's subject to opinion in what is considered a 'positive value', but you get my point. In essence, I could describe a religion that promotes what one could consider 'correct morals and ethics' with the only major factor being the belief in a deity. Would followers of such a religion be much different from you and I, and would they bother you as much?

Sometimes I wonder if a new, modern religion could be made to promote fair and just social standards. *Shrug* Who knows. But even then there would be many that'd disagree.
I would still be opposed to the idea of pseudoscience, which religion doesn't govern exclusively, but still fosters it. That opposition is apart of my skepticism and rationalism. I would be less opposed to religion if it was not responsible for a good portion of modern bigotry, but I would definitely dislike it.

Followers' blind faith and frequent belief in pseudoscience results in bigotry and ignorance.

This is not about my disdain for religion, this thread concerns why many are against homosexual marriage.

Originally Posted by rockon4life93 View Post
I think there's an anti-religious vitriol in this thread.
There's an anti-bigotry agenda here. I was not the one to mention religion, and tried to avoid doing so until my last two posts.
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