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Default Re: Pokemon Merchandise Collector's Corner! - What item do you wish you owned?

@Ty - That thing is scary! xD

@iApollo - Yeah those legendary dogs are so expensive. They look awesome though! They should make more giant plush!

@Obliveon - That Charizard looks pregnant or something haha! But it looks really well made and cute. I've seen Squirtle pillow pets on eBay, they look pretty cool too :O

I just got my package from Sunyshore! Which included a plush Bulbasaur (of course) and some Pokemon Time stuff. I got Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise files to frame and put on my wall! And this really cute deck box.

It's really well made and sturdy too. And inside there are two plastic cards, one with the Kanto starter evos and one with Mew! Pretty awesome surprise!
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