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Default Re: Fossil Digging & Revival

Fossil Revival
Solstice Museum

You step inside a large brick building with high ceilings. On every wall is a glass display case filled with some kind of rock or precious gem. To your right is a room full of train parts and even an old steam engine. To the left is the history of Solstice City and artefacts from the gold rush days.

In the back corner of the room is a humming, whirring machine with a screen filled with strange symbols. You notice a man in a white labcoat sitting by the machine. As you approach, he turns and smiles at you. "Hello, do you know what this machine does? It can revive Pokemon from fossils by extracting ancient DNA. Isn't that something?! If you happen to come across any Pokemon fossils, you should bring them here. If the quality of the fossil is good enough, I could bring that Pokemon back to life! I've heard Eclipse Tunnel is a good place to find fossils... So have you got a fossil for me?"

Fossil Revival Rules
-You must be in Solstice City to revive a fossil
-It takes 24 hours to revive a fossil
-It costs 10 stars to revive a fossil
-You can only revive one fossil at a time
-After the time is up, fill out the form to retrieve your revived fossil
-If you donít want to revive your fossil you may donate it to the museum

Reviving Fossil
Fossil to revive:
(Your star total) - 10 stars = (Your new star total)
Link to stats:
Picking up Revived Fossil
Fossil retrieving :
Link to stats:
Donating Fossil
Fossil to donate:
Link to stats:
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