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Default Fossil Digging & Revival

Fossil Digging
Eclipse Tunnel Excavation Site

You arrive in Eclipse Tunnel all ready to begin your search for fossils, with your trusty Explorer Kit in hand. Inside it is dark and cool, the only light coming from your trusty Pokemon's Flash attack...

All around you are hard rock walls, potentially hiding fossils and precious items.

If you would like to like to try to find a fossil, please read the rules and fill out the form below.

The fossils that can be found here:

Fossil Digging Rules
-You must be in Eclipse Tunnel to dig for a fossil
-You may only dig once a month
-You may not dig in winter
-You must have an Explorer Kit to dig for fossils (can be purchased from PokeMart while in Comet Outpost)
-Once you’ve posted, an official will determine what you find using a random number generator

Link to stats:

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