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Default Elemental Fighters

Long ago, in the ancient land of Galdar, there existed a kingdom known as Isen. Within this kingdom existed a society known as the Warriors. Some of them protected the kingdom from the attacks of other kingdoms. Others serve the king or queen in the royal court. Some even fought in the Royal Army. The Warriors were expert swordsmen and women who had a special connection to the forces of nature. At birth, Warriors were taught to control a certain element in nature, whether it be fire, air, stone, lightning, or even aura.
During the reign of King Joran, however, a new enemy arose by the name of Aberon. Declaring himself the Shadow Lord, Aberon destroyed villages surrounding the kingdom before making a full scale invasion on Isengard, capital of the kingdom. With newly created Shadow Beasts, the Shadow Lord was nearly impossible to defeat. Many Warriors fell before the hands of Lord Aberon. Soon, the capital was overtaken and the kingdom fell to Aberon.
However, there were some survivors who fled the kingdom and escaped in secret to the Sacred Island, an island off the shores of Isen. They soon developed a secret society where they trained their sons or daughters in their element. These survivors remain on the island to this very day.

“Hey sis?” a voice from the doorway startled Maria and she quickly closed the book. With a quick thought, she lit the lamp.
“Come in,” she called to the door. As if expected, the door opened and a boy with medium-cut black hair stepped in. He smiled when he noticed the book.
“Doing your homework,” he asked, still smiling. He found his way to the chair standing by her bed. She pulled her head back and smirked.
“Nah, just reading for pleasure, Malix,” she said. “I am reading the histories of Isen.”
“Is it interesting?” asked the boy.
“It should be,” came another voice. Maria and Malix turned towards the door to see their father standing at the door. He was a middle aged man with brown hair. “You two need to rest. Remember, your tests begin tomorrow.”
“Yes, father,” said Maria. Malix got up and gave a small bow.
“Sorry father, couldn’t sleep,” said Malix. He bowed his head solemnly and then departed the room. When he was gone, their father smiled.
“So, studying are we?” said Palara. “You know, your grandfather was a great warrior. He was lucky to escape from the mainland. I trust, though, that you never have to go to the mainland. The Shadow Lord is dangerous.”

“Yeah, what is it like, dad?” asked Maria. “I mean before the war.”
“That is a discussion for another time,” he said. “For now, rest up.”
With that, the father turned and departed the room. Maria smiled and extinquished the flames. She then laid down and fell asleep.

Made by me.
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