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Default Yesterday Island

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 12 hours.

Yesterday Island is found south of the Andromeda Peninsula and is the largest island under the governance of Celestia. The weather is often unpleasant and stormy, with low clouds rolling in from the ocean and coating everything in a cool mist. Dark thunderclouds coat the sky in the cooler months and the surrounding water is choppy and dangerous for inexperienced Surfers and sailors alike. The island itself is volcanic in origin and seems to have arisen from the sea fairly recently in geological time. Many of the plant species are unique to the island, making it a popular place for scientists and researchers. A small mountainous area can be found in the center of the island, and the views of Celestia from the top are remarkable. The shores of Yesterday Island are rocky and steep, making it difficult to access from the sea. The sand found here is large and rough, a testament to the youth of the island. Despite the beautiful natural landmarks found here, the poor weather prevents Yesterday Island from becoming a popular tourist destination. Few people permanently inhabit the island and those that do live in neat, sprawled houses with all the modern conveniences. The island gets its power from the wind and numerous turbines can be seen dotting the mountainside.

Ian - A Move Deleter who can help Pokemon to forget HMs. He is a dignified but kindly old man with a passion for seeing new kinds of Pokemon.


Wild Pokemon

TM25 Thunder can be found by using Rock Smash on some boulders at the base of the mountain.

Route 22
Route 21

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