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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

A few days had gone by as early Christmas morning approached, the twin toddlers having a hard falling asleep that night due to excitement. Damon hadn't gone back to the house ever since his incident with Diana, and when Mason had returned to the house he was questioned about what Klaus had wanted. Mason smoothly lied and said that Klaus just wanted to make sure that he would protect Diana at all costs since her blood was the key for his Hybrids. Then when asked why he followed Klaus' orders to go to the mansion in the first place Mason responded that if he didn't listen to Klaus then Klaus might do something else terrible to the group. Mason hated lying to the group, but he wasn't sure how they would take to him being sired to Klaus.

In the present however Abigail opened her eyes, the toddler quickly jumping out of bed and waking her sister. Once Scarlet was awake as well the twins ran out of their room and down the stairs, seeing an never-ending pile of Christmas presents surrounding the large Christmas tree. Their first victim to wake up was Kol, who was sleeping on the couch. Kol was now welcomed to stay at the house since he didn't want to live under the same roof as Klaus and Damon, though Elijah and Kevin are dealing with it and staying at the mansion with Meredith. Diana and Mason stayed the night at Diana's house, Jeremy and Bonnie not minding Mason staying at all.

"Wake up uncle Kol! Santa came!" Scarlet said as she climbed on top of the couch's arm and jumped right on Kol, who opened his eyes and looked at the toddler who was now laying on top of him.

"Really you two? It's like..." Kol looked at his watch, reading that it was just a little past 6am. "Oh bloody hell... I shouldn't be awake for at least four more hours."

"But Santa came! Look!" Abigail said as she pointed to the presents, the toddler then climbing on the couch's arm and jumping on Kol as well.

"Okay okay! I surrender! I'll get up, you little trouble makers..."

"Yay!" Both toddlers said as they got off of Kol and ran towards the stairs, the two running to their parent's room. Kol sat up on the couch and sighed, though a smile was on his face.

Abigail and Scarlet raced to their parent's bedroom and ran inside, the two climbing on the bed and began to jump on it. Ashley opened her eyes and sat up, the toddlers doing the exact same thing last year as well.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!" Abigail said, jumping on Ichiru as Scarlet threw herself in Ashley's arms.

"This is going to be a long day." Ashley laughed as her children got off of the bed and ran out of the room, making their way to each bedroom to wake up everyone. Ashley kissed Ichiru on the cheek and then got out of bed, making her way downstairs as Caroline, Lexi, Stefan, Isobel and Kotomi followed.

"Do they get this excited every Christmas?" Kol laughed as he watched the toddlers run down the stairs once again, this being his first Christmas with the group.

"Pretty much. Be prepared for this every year." Kotomi laughed as she went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee for everyone.

"Don't you two want to eat something first?" Stefan asked as he looked at Abigail and Scarlet, who were stalking the presents.

"Nope." Abigail responded with a smile, Stefan shaking his head.

"You guys can start, but make sure you read the tags first to make sure it's your presents because everyone's is under the tree." Ashley said to her children as she sat on the couch, who nodded and began to open the presents. Kotomi wrapped her arms around Aiden and gave him a kiss, a sweet smile on her face. Caroline and Lexi did the same with Kiseki and Stefan, Isobel and Kol grabbing some food from the kitchen and Ashley giving a smile to Ichiru. A big surprise however was that the group got the toddlers a female Husky puppy, though she has been staying with Jeremy and Bonnie for the past few days. Later that day they would be coming over with the puppy, completely surprising Abigail and Scarlet.
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