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Default Re: October CoroCoro reveals new Mystery Dungeon game for 3DS

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
KA-KA *Mind explodes* From the looks of it, you can choose what Pokemon you become, most likely a set after you've answered the questions. And you can use the camera to send Pokemon into dungeons! *Squeals*

Hay, Kris, the infinity symbol is supposed to represent magna, I guess. That's the title: Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon - Magna Gate. Well, assuming it's going to be called Magna Gate since the main character is changed into a Pokemon (Duh) and sent through the Magna Gate, leading him/her to the Pokemon world. This coming from the translated description.
In that case, could it be possible more humans fall through the gate and become Pokemon? It would be a pretty cool plot twist.
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