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Default Re: Voice Everything!

Okay, awkward predicament here. The thread is over a month old, but only by 5 days - surely it's okay to post here? Plus, this would be awesome as a sticky - it lets people just randomly voice things, and would surely increase interest in VA?

I might be doing a no-no here, but if you Mods are willing to be like "Hey, it should be fine" about it, then great. But, if y'all aren't happy with this, I apologise Dx I will remove this post ASAP if I get any complaints :)

Onto the topic, I finally did my Rowan lines. I struggled to find the time and the right type of voice, and I'm still not fully satisfied with my choice. The very last "I will see you all another time" is not part of the Rowan voice, I was just being silly. Also, I was quiet because it's quite late here xD

No idea what to VA next... Any random ideas you guys wanna throw at me? I want to improve! xD


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